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Become a training and development professional for adult learners

Teaching and Training Adults Recognition of Achievement program

Prepare to teach and train adults with confidence! Develop and refine your teaching skills to facilitate successful adult learning in any environment or industry.

Program code TTMC
Credential Recognition of Achievement
Program Delivery Part-time
Program delivery method(s) In person +
What does this mean?

Program information

Program description

This micro-credential is for anyone interested in teaching and training in industry and/or an academic environment. It is designed to develop the skills and knowledge of novices and refine the skills of current practitioners. Each module emphasizes principles involved in the adult learning process. Coaching, facilitation skills, active participation, and learning by doing are stressed. The skills, ideas, expertise, and knowledge of the participants are utilized as key resources in learning about instructing adults.

The graduate has reliably demonstrated the ability to: apply adult learning principles to the development and delivery of a lesson plan, engage learners to improve motivation, performance and goal achievement, select and implement a variety of teaching methods to facilitate adult learning, construct formative and summative methods to assess learning outcomes, develop and demonstrate an educational philosophy for continuous teaching and learning.

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What courses are included in the Teaching and Training Adults micro-credential?

Currently available courses are linked below.

Additional course information

Teaching and Training Adults (TATA 0023) is a prerequisite for all other modules and must be taken first. Mandatory modules must be taken in the order below.

The modules are sequenced toward the Micro Teaching Clinic (TATA 0028), with each module building on the skills in the previous module. Click on the COURSE CODE in the course table in order to put the mandatory modules in sequential order.

  1. TATA 0023 – Teaching and Training Adults (MC)
  2. TATA 0024 – Engaging Adult Learners (MC)
  3. TATA 0025 – Preparing a Lesson Plan (MC)
  4. TATA 0026 – Teaching/Training Methods (MC)
  5. TATA 0027 – Assessing Learning (MC)
  6. TATA 0028 – Micro Teaching Clinic (MC)

How do I apply to the Teaching and Training Adults program?

Register on a course-by-course basis, paying as you go

Part-time students do not go through an application process for this program. To register for courses, you’ll need a Georgian College Lifelong Learning account.

  1. Search for the course(s) you want to register in
  2. Add the course(s) to your cart and follow the prompts to checkout, payment and confirmation of enrolment


The Institute for Performance and Learning

Teaching and Training Adults is recognized by the The Institute for Performance and Learning.

Learners who have successfully completed the Teaching and Training Adults micro-credential can have this represent one year of experience towards the Institute’s Certified Training and Development Professional (CTDP) certification.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Online learning

What are the minimum requirements (i.e., technology considerations) for virtual learning?Georgian College Chevron

Before you decide to take an online module, it is a good idea to look over these minimum requirements to determine if you have or can acquire what you will need before you start the module. Here are a few ways to tell if you have what you need to take an online module:

  1. Do you have access to a laptop or desktop computer, and an internet connection?
    • Smartphones and other mobile devices are not recommended for our online, remote-delivered modules.
  2. Have you ever participated in a virtual meeting using a microphone and camera?
    • E.g. Webex, Zoom, Teams, Skype, Google Meet, FaceTime, etc.
  3. Do you have a reliable internet connection that is fast enough for participating in a virtual meeting?
  4. Are you comfortable doing all of the following?
    • Creating, editing and saving Word documents or other types of files
    • Playing YouTube videos on your computer
    • Downloading and listening to music on your computer
    • Searching for information on the web
    • Sending emails

We ask that all participants use headsets or earbuds with microphones to maintain student privacy and ensure sound quality. We also recommend a wired ethernet connection as connecting directly improves the reliability of the connection.

Prior to starting the prerequisite module – Teaching and Training Adults (TATA 0023) – a mandatory orientation session is required to ensure that technical issues have been resolved prior to the first class.

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