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Hydraulics and Pneumatics micro-certificate

Explore fluid-power components and circuits

Georgian is proud to offer the RapidSkills program, developed in support of the manufacturing sector in a changing economy. Learn about the Hydraulics and Pneumatics micro-certificate.


About the Hydraulic and Pneumatics micro-certificate

The RapidSkills program consists of four micro-certificates, which are short-term, competency-based, industry-recognized certificates based on sectoral-focused feedback from regional stakeholders and employers, designed to upskill workers in a part-time format.

This two-module, 60-hour micro-certificate covers fluid mechanics theory and practical lab exercises, reinforcing understanding of fluid power components and circuits. Participants acquire knowledge to undertake failure analysis diagnostics and execute basic repairs. Participants with prior experience may write an assessment to prove competencies and receive an exemption from one or both modules.

Digital badges will be awarded for the completion of each micro-certificate module and for the completion of the entire RapidSkills program.

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The hydraulics training course provided by the RapidSkills project has been one of the best training courses, if not the best training course, I’ve had the honour of participating in. Attending training during a pandemic can certainly be a challenge, but RapidSkills and the instructor of the course made the most of it and gave us updates promptly to any potential changes happening. The instructor was very knowledgeable, blended hands-on learning and theory together in a manner that made the material fun and easy to learn. I highly recommend RapidSkills to anyone looking to advance knowledge or training in their respective industry.John Fiebrich, Mechanical Designer, Weldco-Beales Manufacturing

Hydraulics and Pneumatics micro-certificate modules

Hydraulics MOD1

Hydraulics/Pneumatics module 1: Components, Circuits and Systems

Learn about fundamental fluid mechanics and the application of fluid power components and systems in industrial and mobile machinery and equipment.

Hydraulics MOD2

Hydraulics/Pneumatics module 2: Components, Circuits and Systems

Expand knowledge of fundamental fluid mechanics and the application of fluid power components and systems in industrial and mobile machinery and equipment.

How the RapidSkills program works

Registration for the RapidSkills program—including individual micro-certificates and modules within a micro-certificate—is open to anyone wishing to upgrade their skills.

Intake avenues

Corporate training

  • If you’re an employer in the auto or advanced manufacturing sector, we can help.


  • You can self-identify to participate in the program by contacting RapidSkills staff.

Featured faculty

Phil LeBoeuf

Faculty for the Hydraulics and Pneumatics micro-certificate

Phil LeBoeuf has worked in the skilled trades field since 1977. A licensed industrial millwright, Phil has worked in various manufacturing industries specializing in machine building, plant maintenance and repair, fluid power maintenance and mobile equipment building and maintenance. Phil joined Georgian in 2003 and has become one of the foremost expert skilled trades trainers, having instructed numerous topics related to the trades and workplace safety. His expertise is requested across the province on a number of Ministry-regulated initiatives and mandatory training requirements.

Corporate training

If you’re an employer in the auto or advanced manufacturing sector and want to participate in corporate training, we can help.

You may refer eligible employees for participation, per the criteria above. Employees can take part in the training while continuing to work.

I want to be a participant

Potential participants will be referred to RapidSkills staff, go through an intake process to ensure eligibility requirements have been met, receive testing to gauge knowledge levels in the training areas, and partake in a program orientation.

If a participant believes they have acquired competencies gained in a micro-certificate module through education and/or work, they may request skill testing to challenge for completion of that module (and receipt of the applicable digital badge). Once a participant has completed each module and/or received all digital badges associated with the micro-certificate, they will be granted the full micro-certificate.

Upon completion of a micro-certificate, a participant may be eligible for credit transfers into select Georgian programs.

Participants may be required to participate in industrial certification and/or employability skills training. This will provide certifications including, but not limited to, Working at Heights, Forklift Training and Electrical Safety.

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