Grizzlies helping Grizzlies: Georgian Alumni Mentor Program

Our community of 90,000+ alumni is the perfect space to access industry leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals who are ready to share their expertise and personal experiences with Georgian students and their fellow alumni.

The Georgian Alumni Network is a space where alumni and students can come together, building their professional networks and accessing valuable mentor support, while providing industry leaders and professionals a chance to share what they’ve learned.

New partnership – Grizzlies Give Back: Alumni Networking

Our Alumni Relations office has partnered with Georgian’s Co-op and Career Success team to help our students get the learning experiences they need to graduate. Delivered under our successful Grizzlies Give Back alumni engagement program, we are working hard to implement a program that will provide opportunities for students to interview a Georgian alum who is now working in their field of study. This interview will provide them with valuable career and industry insights.

Georgian alumni can register to help a student through this program in the Georgian Alumni Network.

More information is available in our mentor FAQs. Read below or download a PDF.

Mentor FAQ PDF link

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How do I participate as a mentor?

  1. Register/log in to the Georgian Alumni Network.
  2. Complete/update your profile. Include professional, academic and volunteer experience. If you have a LinkedIn profile, your information can be imported by registering with this profile.

Under your profile – Offer Mentoring, choose the ways that you are able to help at this time. Options include:

  • mentor a student
  • mentor a new alum
  • career advice
  • resumé review
  • internship
  • support student co-op learning outcomes

How will a match be made?

  1. Ensure you have selected the “Support student co-op learning outcomes” option listed above.
  2. Students are able to review alumni mentor profiles to find a mentor who fits their interests and career goals. Once found, they will click on the profile and send a message to request mentorship.
  3. You will receive an email from the Georgian Alumni Network indicating that you have received a request. The message from the potential mentee will be included in the email. You can accept/decline directly in the email (it will take you to the Georgian Alumni Network), or you can sign in to the Georgian Alumni Network and review the mentee in further detail by clicking on their profile.
  4. You can accept or decline the mentorship request.
  5. Once you have confirmed a mentee(s), update your profile by unchecking all the boxes under “Offer Mentoring” to turn off your availability. You can turn this back on if you would like more than one mentee, or when your relationship with your current mentee has ended.

Why should I participate?

Due to COVID-19, some students currently in co-op programs are not able to complete co-ops at this time. Students need your help and industry experience to gain valuable information that will help them meet the requirements of their co-op term. Students will use the insight they gain from you to complete a final report which will be submitted as part of a final project.

What is expected of me?

By agreeing to help with this endeavor, you are expected to connect with your accepted mentee(s) in a timely manner and provide them with information on the industry associated with their program.

Please review any mentorship requests within 48 hours of receiving them. If you choose not to accept a mentee for mentorship, please decline, so that they can approach another mentor. Students can only submit one request at a time.

What if I receive more than one request?

If you receive multiple requests, you will be able to review each profile before confirming a request. To ensure those receiving mentorship from alumni are able to access the very best learning outcomes, and that our alumni are not over-committed, we ask that alumni not participate in more than 2 mentor-mentee relationships at a time.

Once you have approved your mentee(s) request for mentorship, you will want to remove the offer to mentor in your profile. You can do so by clicking on “Edit my profile, and uncheck all the boxes you checked under “Offer Mentoring”. This will signal that you are no longer available for mentorship and thus no longer accepting requests. You can also do this under Mentoring – Settings in the left-hand column.

What if I don't receive any requests?

We encourage you to complete your Georgian Alumni Network profile by including all relevant professional, academic, and volunteer experience. In addition, add any other information you think may be relevant, e.g. your interests/hobbies (professional or non-professional). New students/young alumni are joining the Georgian Alumni Network all the time, so there will always be new people to review your profile. Anyone looking for a mentor can view your ‘willing to help’ status at any time, so even if you do not receive a request from a co-op student, others may be interested in a mentor/mentee relationship.

Contact us

For more information on mentorship opportunities, please email the Alumni Relations team or call 705.728.1968, ext. 1128.