People of Georgian: Student explores entrepreneurship with new business

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People of Georgian: Meet Abu Refai

When I was growing up, I saw my grandfather and father doing really well in business, and that’s something that I wanted as well.

They were my mentors, and I took a lot of advice from them on how to start and what to do. They work in logistics back home in Bangladesh, and they actually asked me to take over their family business one day, but I’ve always wanted to start something of my own. Build a brand and everything.

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Abu Refai has always wanted to run his own business.

‘Ready … to do whatever it takes’

So, I passed on that opportunity, but I took a lot of advice from them on how to run a business right.

They told me that there are a lot of struggles behind it and a lot of sleepless nights, and you have to put in the work regardless of being tired or feeling unmotivated. I’m ready for all that and to do whatever it takes.

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Abu Refai says he has learned not to fear rejection in business.

Dropshipping key to Abu Refai’s business

Six or seven months ago, I started my own business with a friend from Georgian.

I always used to watch videos on YouTube about dropshipping, which is when a business doesn’t keep its products in stock, rather works with another company that ships the product to the customer.

I watched videos about it to gain all the information I could. I wanted to start a business with dropshipping, but I never got the courage to do it until I came to Georgian and met a friend with the same goals and aspirations.

We decided one day that we have to start somewhere, so we did market research, got in touch with suppliers, created our own website, made content for it, and now we’re getting into some advertising.

Two people stand outside surrounded by trees and buildings.
Abus Refai, right, with his business partner and fellow Georgian student, Jomall Hunt.

‘Whatever you aspire to be, you will get there’

I’ve always looked up to people who are organized and self-employed. I’ve always wanted to have a business of my own.

I was scared of failing before, but my friend encouraged me. Since we started, what I’ve learned is not to fear rejection. You’ll never know the outcome until you actually go for it and try.

Once you’re on the starting line, keep moving forward.

Remind yourself that one day, whatever your dreams are, whatever you aspire to be, you will get there.

Abu Refai, a student in Georgian’s Business program at the Barrie Campus.

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