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Management Essentials

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Enhance your management skills!

This program focuses on the needs of leaders and managers in today’s challenging, competitive and dynamic environment. It covers a wide range of topics and focuses on the skills used by managers in everyday decision making and problem solving.

This program will be of interest to anyone who:

  • is currently employed in a management capacity
  • expects to assume management responsibilities in the near future
  • simply seeks to understand their work environment and improve their performance in their current job.

Completion of the series will provide a solid knowledge base and help participants to develop both management skills and broad business knowledge.


Complete all eight modules and receive the Management Essentials Micro-certificate and a Recognition of Achievement Certificate, or just complete the modules that interest you.

Note: Each module is open for the entire semester. Participants are able to register and take the module at any time during the semester. The module is expected to take up to six hours in total to complete but there is no time limit, as long as the module is completed by the last day of the semester.

Management and Leadership

Explore the role of a manager and examine the impact they can have on individuals, groups, and corporate success. In this module, you will discuss the importance of a manager’s leadership styles, attitudes, behaviours, and skills.

Register for BUSN 0111.

Human Resource Management Essentials

The opportunities and need for growth and development within a management role are vast, encompassing a broad range of knowledge and skills. This module focuses on the role of the leader within the HR structure, recruitment, selection, training and performance management.

Register for BUSN 0231.

Communicating for Success

To develop good working relationships and maintain a spirit of rapport and teamwork, managers require effective communication skills in one-on-one interactions and meetings. Learn how to improve relationships at work by understanding voice dynamics and body language and learning how to listen, question, and give feedback effectively.

Register for BUSN 0112.

Developing Effective Teams

Discover how to create and maintain a successful team. Explore the stages of team development, effective team behaviours, and the role of the leader in order to set team goals and develop strategies for managing conflict within a team.

Register for BUSN 0114.

Coaching for Performance

Examine the coaching model, how to apply its principles and learn how to use coaching to maximize employee performance and foster employee commitment, satisfaction and dedication.

Register for BUSN 0115.

Emotional Intelligence

Learn how to improve your relationships at work through an understanding of emotional intelligence (EI) and its role in leadership. Using EI tools, strategies and techniques, explore common emotions and behaviors, and how to manage emotions to achieve goal(s) in the workplace.

Register for BUSN 0229.

Diversity and Inclusion

Explore inclusive practices that support working with others in a respectful and collaborative manner while learning strategies to build trust and strengthen relationships within a diverse team. Examine the importance of a diverse workforce in order to build a successful organization.

Register for BUSN 0230.

Change Management

Learn theories, models, strategies, and processes to help leaders provide individuals and organizations with the awareness, motivation, knowledge, and ability to change.

Register for BUSN 0235.