Food Service Worker

Food Service Worker

Program Code
Recognition of Achievement

Program requirements

  • 6 Mandatory Courses

Program Description

In this program, students develop the skills and knowledge needed to be an effective member of a food service team in health care facilities. The curriculum focuses on the role of the Food Service Worker and the importance of issues such as safety, sanitation and nutrition.

Current Course Offerings
Course Title Course Code ONTARIOLEARN EQUIVALENTS Mandatory
FSW Communication (ODE) FSWR0023   Mandatory
Institutional Food Serv (ODE) FSWR0020   Mandatory
Intro to Nutrition (ODE) FSWR0021   Mandatory
Nutrition in Health Care (ODE) FSWR0025   Mandatory
Quantity Food Prep (ODE) FSWR0024   Mandatory
Sanitation and Safety (ODE) FSWR0022   Mandatory