Developmental Services Worker

Developmental Services Worker

Program Code
Ontario College Diploma

Program requirements

  • 19 Mandatory Courses
  • 2 Communications Courses
  • 3 General Education Courses
  • 2 Field Placements

Program Description

Students develop the knowledge and skills required to support people with developmental disabilities across the lifespan. Utilizing person directed planning, students advocate for self-determination in individuals with developmental disabilities, and facilitate the development of natural supports and opportunities for full community participation.
Areas of study includes intellectual, physical and mental disabilities, spectrum disorders, support options, health and well-being, social relationships, active lifestyles, community building, stages of human development, augmentative communication, pharmacology and medication administration, teaching and intervention strategies, support planning for individuals and their family, counselling, and professional development. Students consolidate this learning in fourteen weeks of supervised field placements.

Current Course Offerings
Course Title Course Code Online Equivalents Mandatory
Augmentative Communication DEVS1009   Mandatory
Behavioral and Family Supports DEVS2019   Mandatory
Day/Community Placement DEVS2020  
Educational Placement DEVS1015  
Experiences in Language Arts ECED1013 ECED1037 - Language Arts (ODE)  
Interpersonal Skills HUMN2004  
Math, Science and Creative Art ECED1021  
Person Directed Planning DEVS1011 DEVS1017 - Person Directed Planning (ODE)   Mandatory
Residential Placement DEVS2021  
Social/Emotional Health/Behav ECED2011  
Supportive Counselling DEVS2015   Mandatory
Teaching Strategies DEVS1010   Mandatory

Additional Info

Applicants must have an up-to-date immunization record, Standard First Aid and CPR level C or HCP certification before proceeding on field placement. It is recommended that First Aid training is completed prior to program entry.