Criminal Psychology and Behaviour

Criminal Psychology and Behaviour

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Program requirements

  • 6 Mandatory Courses

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Program Description

This program will enhance the knowledge and skill set of individuals who work or volunteer in corrections, law enforcement, security, women's shelters, human services, youth at risk, or individuals who have a special interest in criminal psychology and behaviour. The program explores why individuals become criminals as well as why individuals are attracted to those with deviant behaviours. The program also explores factors that research suggests underlie criminal behaviours.

Current Course Offerings
Course Title Course Code Online Equivalents Mandatory
Antisocial/Pschopath Mind(ODE) PSYL1005   Mandatory
Co-Dependency Addiction (ODE) PSYL1008   Mandatory
Cults and Terrorism (ODE) GNED1046   Mandatory
Domest/Workpl Violence (ODE) PSYL1009   Mandatory
Sexual Violence (ODE) PSYL1007   Mandatory