Communication Studies

Communication Studies

Program Code

Program requirements

  • 2 Mandatory Courses (determined by CPA testing)
  • 4 Optional Courses

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Program Description

This certificate is available to all students who want to improve their effectiveness as writers in business, government or industry. Clear communication with external and internal audiences contributes to the success of small and large organizations, non-profit agencies and government institutions. Courses will emphasize critical, analytical and strategic communications skills needed to be successful. Certificate completion requires six courses, two mandatory and four optional.

Current Course Offerings
Course Title Course Code Online Equivalents Mandatory
Communication Essentials COMM1016 COMM1024 - Communications 1 (ODE)  
Culture and Communication COMM2023  
Dynamic Presentations COMM2021  
Media Relations COMM2014  
Proposal Writing COMM2015  
Technical Communication COMM2020  
The Visual World COMM2022  
Virtual Communications COMM2019  
Work Environment Comm COMM2017 COMM2025 - Communications 2 (ODE)
COMM1025 - Communications 2 (ODE)
COMM1013 - English 2 (ODE)  

Additional Info

To achieve the certificate, students are required to take 6 comm courses in total.

There are 2 mandatory courses:
1. Communication Essentials COMM 1016
2. Work Environment Communication COMM 2017

Students can then choose 4 additional courses from this list:
1. Media Relations Comm 2014
2. Proposal Writing Comm 2015
3. Virtual Communication COMM 2019
4. Technical Communication 2020
5. Dynamic Presentations COMM 2021
6. The Visual World COMM 2022
7. Culture and Communication COMM 2023