Curr Topics in Leadership

Curr Topics in Leadership

MNGM 4007

The areas of management and leadership are broad in scope in terms of theories, environments, and applications. In this course, students have the opportunity to research and engage with the literature on a leadership topic of specific interest to the student in greater depth than is normally possible in survey courses. Students are actively supported, guided and monitored through an exploration of primary source readings, identifying themes of interest, developing an in-depth paper and presenting their work. The content focus of this course varies from term to term based on a combination of student interest, current issues and trends in leadership, and specialized faculty expertise in management and leadership.



Course Hours



Undergraduate - degree level level BSNS 2004 Organizational Behaviour Minimum Grade of 50
and Undergraduate - degree level level INTS 1002 Multidisciplinary Research Minimum Grade of 50
and Undergraduate - degree level level MNGM 1000 Leadership Mod Theories Minimum Grade of 50

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