M-2 Exit Training

DRVR 0004

Our courses run until Nov. 10 and may extend beyond this date (weather permitting).

If you experience any online registration issues, please email Jenn Martin, Manager, Motorcycle Programming.

Course description

This course is designed to prepare students for their final motorcycle riding skills or M2 Exit Test. The program consists of three segments: a classroom portion, a range or parking lot portion, and a road or street portion. Unlike the basic program, students supply and ride their own motorcycle for the M2 Exit training and test. The final test is administered by the M2 Exit course trainers. M2 start time 6:00 pm. Prior to the start of this course, the student must have had their M2 license for a minimum of 18 months after successful completion of an approved M1 Exit course or 22 months without the approved course.



Course Hours


Motorcycle training information

Contact Jenn.martin@georgiancollege.ca or call 249.388.1382 for more information.