Aviation Work Term 1

COOP 1011

Course description

Co-operative Education is a mandatory component of the Aviation Management Program at Georgian College and is a requirement for graduation. Co-operative Education provides students with the skills to conduct a self-directed and college-directed job search. Students are required to attend and participate in scheduled co-op classes CPHR 0001 (12 sessions) prior to their first co-op work experience. Students are responsible to obtain a co-op work experience with an approved employer related to the profile of the graduate for a period of 14 weeks, typically in the summer semester. It should be noted that due to the nature of the industry students may be required to re-locate for the duration of the work term and provide own transportation to and from their place of employment. In addition, students may be required to pass a Transport Canada Security clearance prior to being accepted for a position.



Course Hours


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