Appeal a parking citation

Important information about appealing a parking citation

  • An individual may appeal a parking violation notice within 14 days of the notification date.
  • Early payment timelines do not lapse pending the outcome of the appeal.
  • Normally, parking appeals are reviewed within 14 business days for consideration depending on the volume of appeals.
  • You won’t be able to pay the citation before receiving a response.
  • You’ll be able to purchase a parking permit on the parking portal, provided there are no further outstanding citations on your account.
  • Should you have further outstanding citations, please ensure you continue to pay for parking at the daily rate through HONK.
  • A valid appeal may only be based on the contention that a violation was issued contrary to the Traffic and Parking Procedures or in error.

Follow these steps to complete an appeal online

1. Go to the parking portal.

2. Enter the Citation NumberOR Plate Number.

3. Click Search Citations.

4. Select Appeal.

5. Confirm Plate Number.

6. Log in.

  • Students and employees:  Log in with Georgian College Single Sign-On.
  • Guests: Log in with External Member Sign-On OR SIGN UP (if you don’t have an account).

7. Complete the online appeal form.