A graphic with the text: Black History, Black Excellence

Black History, Black Excellence

In honour of Black History Month, Georgian is proud to share stories from just some of the many Black Georgian alumni, employees, donors and community partners who have shaped our region and beyond.

While our commitments to equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging (EDI&B) require year-long dedication, February offers an opportunity to further amplify the inspiring stories, voices and accomplishments of Black colleagues.

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Black Excellence in the Georgian community

Please enjoy this first instalment of Georgian’s growing Black History, Black Excellence campaign.

  • Alasoba Braide

    Alasoba Kelsy-Braide

    Child and Youth Care (class of 2020)

  • Clement Bamikole

    Clement Bamikole

    Faculty and Program Coordinator, Liberal Arts

  • Damian Boucaud

    Damian Boucaud

    Aviation Management (class of 2005) and Professor, Aviation Management

  • Donovan Jacko

    Donovan Jacko

    Sport Administration (class of 2020) and Acupuncture (class of 2022)

  • Edwin Sarfo

    Edwin Sarfo

    Business – Marketing (class of 2018) and Business Administration (class of 2019)

  • Michele Newton

    Michèle Newton

    Inclusion and Diversity Mentor, Henry Bernick Entrepreneurship Centre

  • Roxann Whittingham

    Roxann Whittingham

    Child and Youth Care (class of 2020)

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