Arrival checklist

Georgian’s quarantine checklist will help you understand what steps you need to take to complete the quarantine process as a Georgian College student. You must make sure to complete all steps.   

What is the Georgian mandatory quarantine period?

If you have any questions about quarantine exemption, please email

Georgian College quarantine exemption

How does Georgian College quarantine exemption process work?

Georgian students who are fully vaccinated by an approved Health Canada vaccination may qualify for quarantine exemption. Please refer to the government website for COVID-19 vaccinated travellers entering Canada – Travel restrictions in Canada –

If you qualify for federal quarantine exemption, you will be required to complete the below Georgian College quarantine exemption process.

Georgian College quarantine exemption process

  1. Student commitment form: If you have determined that you qualify for federal quarantine exemption after review of the Government of Canada website, please submit your student commitment form on Georgian Assist App. You can download it via Google Play or App Store.
    • Note: Please submit the form only when your travel plans have been finalized)
  2. Proof of vaccination for unvaccinated: Provide your proof of vaccination documents to Georgian if you do not qualify for fully vaccinated exemption.
    • Upload your documentation to OneDrive through the student portal.
    • Share your documentation with the following email address:
    • *If you are fully vaccinated and over 18 years of age, please complete step one and step three.
  3. Daily check in: After you arrive in Canada, complete your daily check in on the Georgian Assist app.
    • Within the app, navigate to Quarantine Period > Daily Check-in.

Note: When uploading documents, please ensure that you rename the file in the following format:
Student number – Student name – Arrival date – Vaccination proof/test results

If you are approved for Georgian College quarantine exemption, you can expect to receive notification within 24 to 48 hours after you have arrived in Canada, provided you have completed the above steps and we have received your student commitment form and quarantine exemption documents.

Meals, groceries, necessities and other personal items

Students are responsible for ordering and receiving all meals, groceries, necessities (toiletries, hygiene products etc.) and other personal items required for your quarantine period. You must make arrangements to have all items delivered directly to your place of quarantine for your quarantine period. You will not be able to leave your residence to do shopping or errands while you are in quarantine.

Please see the ​​​​​​​information on available meals, groceries, necessities options available to support you.

Financial plan

You need to prove a financial plan to support the cost of your quarantine period in Canada. Visit the IRCC website for more information. 

Students are strongly encouraged to have an online payment method, such as major credit cards or debit cards. 

COVID-19 testing

Please visit the Travel.gc.on COVID-19 testing for travellers website for more information on completing your test kit. If you need further assistance, please email

ArriveCAN app

Before coming to Canada you must download the ArriveCAN mobile app and complete your quarantine plan.  

If you are flying to Canada, you must use ArriveCAN to submit your: 

  • travel and contact information;
  • quarantine plan; and
  • COVID-19 symptom self-assessments.

Georgian Assist app

You must download the Georgian Assist app on App Store or Google Play Store prior to your arrival in Canada. Using the Georgian Assist app, you must: 

  • submit the quarantine commitment form (before travelling to Canada);
  • submit the co-arriving family quarantine commitment form, if applicable (before travelling to Canada); and
  • complete daily check-ins until you received negative test result.

Once you download the app, you will need to update your student number, and upload your fee payment receipt to the app. Once verified, you will be able to find During Quarantine and Quarantine Process buttons. Under Quarantine Process, you will find the quarantine commitment form, and under During Quarantine, you will find Daily check-in

If you experience any issues with the app, please email

Daily check-ins

It is a mandatory requirement, as a Georgian College student, to check-in daily until you receive quarantine exemption.

The ArriveCAN will send you notification on your phone or an email on the second day of your quarantine. Once you confirm your arrival, your daily check-ins will start. 

If you are unable to start your check-ins, then you may call the 1-833-641-0343 to complete the daily check-in. For more information, visit the Government of Canada website.

You must login to the Georgian Assist app to complete the daily check-ins. Please click the Quarantine Period button. Here, you will find Daily check-in to complete the questionnaire each day. 

If you have any issues with the Georgian Assist app, please email

Georgian requires all students to comply with the entire quarantine process. Failure to comply with the process, including completing the daily check-ins, may result in further non-compliance actions, including disabled active student directory. If you have been deemed to be non-compliant with the process you will be reported to the appropriate authorities including Public Health Canada and Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). An offence under the Quarantine Act and will result in applicable charges, which may include $750,000 in fines and/or six months in prison. Read more information on applicable charges

If have any questions about daily check-ins, please email

Expenses related to COVID-19 and quarantine

You are responsible for all costs related to your quarantine. Should you decide not to proceed with your education and training as a result of the additional costs resulting from Georgian College’s COVID-19 plans, including those relating to the Georgian College’s quarantine package, you will be eligible for a refund of any fees in accordance with the college’s refund policy.

​​​​​​​Quarantine act and other regulations

When you arrive in Canada you must have a quarantine plan in place for yourself and co-arriving family members.

The quarantine plan must meet the requirements under the Quarantine Act, as well as the requirements of government and/or health authorities, including those set out at the following web sites:

Georgian’s COVID-19 plans and protocols

Monitor your health for signs of COVID-19

You must monitor your own health, both during and after your quarantine and follow the recommendations. 

If you have COVID-19 symptoms or know or suspect that you have been in contact with someone with COVID-19, you must follow the requirements of public health authorities including those set out at the following web sites.

Physical and mental health supports

Physical and mental health, as well as other supports, are available to you through Georgian College both during and after your quarantine period and information about these supports can be found in the student portal.

Additional physical and mental health, as well as other supports, are available to you from organizations external to Georgian College, including the following:

Social stigma associated with COVID-19

You must review the information about stigma associated with COVID-19, and at all times, treat everyone, including those people who have contracted COVID-19, with respect and in compliance with Georgian Colleges policies.

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