COVID-19 information for International students

Last updated Sept. 15 at 1 p.m.

Georgian has prepared an international resource guide with FAQs to outline how COVID-19 may impact your travel and study plans. See below. 

For general information regarding COVID-19 and updates from Georgian, visit our coronavirus information page

Students arriving for fall 2020 semester

Mandatory self-quarantine

International students and co-arriving immediate family members MUST self-quarantine upon arrival in Canada for 14 days.

  • You MUST purchase a Georgian quarantine package from Georgian if you are coming to Canada.
  • You MUST complete a mandatory quarantine commitment form. If you do not comply, you could risk delay or a hold placed on your continued registration in your program. 
  • You MUST present your self-quarantine plan to border officials upon arrival.
  • You are responsible for covering the cost of everything needed during quarantine (including accommodations, food and hygiene products).
  • You cannot leave your self-quarantine location until the 14 days are over (this includes not going to classes or going to get food).
  • COVID-19 testing may be required for international students; further clarification from the Ministry is pending. Updates will be provided on our website.

Quarantine packages

Students coming to Georgian this fall are required to purchase a quarantine package. These packages will help you with everything you need to quarantine properly.

To book your quarantine package, please complete the booking form on the Maple Assist website. If your travel date is within five days, please email

Package details

Quarantine packages include:

  • accommodations for 15 days/14 nights 
  • private transportation from airport to accommodations 
  • early arrival insurance (if you are arriving before Sept. 1) 
  • Canadian SIM card for mobile phone
  • universal power adapter
  • welcome bag from Georgian (includes sanitizer, toilet paper, mask, gloves, notebook pen and more)

Package options

Georgian College on-campus residence, Barrie:

  • Cost: $940 CAD (tax included)
    • Residence quarantine kit included, which contains: pillow and bedding, utensils, bottles of water, surface cleaners and other cleaning products, garbage bags and toilet paper

Holiday Inn, Barrie:

  • Cost: $1,745 CAD (tax included)
14-day self-quarantineGeorgian College Chevron

International students and co-arriving immediate family members MUST self-quarantine for 14 days upon arrival to Canada. Self-quarantine is used to keep someone who might have been exposed to COVID-19 away from others. Quarantine helps prevent spread of disease that can occur before a person knows they are sick or if they are infected with the virus without feeling symptoms. People in quarantine must stay home, separate themselves from others and monitor their health.  

The Government of Canada has issued an emergency order under the Quarantine Act which applies to everyone. Failure to comply with this order is an offence under the Quarantine Act and will result in applicable charges, which may include $750,000 in fines and/or six months in prison. Read more information on applicable charges. This is each student’s responsibility. 

The Government of Canada is mandating one COVID-19 test to be administered to every student during their time of quarantine. Watch this webpage for more details.  

You must purchase a Georgian quarantine package to help you with your self-quarantine. During your 14-day self-quarantine, make sure you: 

  • stay at your place of quarantine;
  • do not leave your place of quarantine unless it is to seek medical attention;
  • do not use public transportation (e.g. bus, taxi, subway, Uber, Lyft, etc.);
  • do not have visitors;
  • do not go to school, work or any other public areas;
  • arrange for all necessities to be delivered to your place of quarantine (e.g. food, medication, cleaning supplies, etc.); and
  • follow the instructions provided by Public Health Canada: How to quarantine; and
  • continually self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms. 

Self-quarantine planGeorgian College Chevron

A quarantine plan is mandatory for all international students and immediate family members arriving in Canada.  

You must complete your 14-day quarantine before starting your in-person courses, so please schedule your arrival into Canada accordingly. The earliest your in-person courses could begin is Sept. 14. 

Print out a page with your self-quarantine plan and keep a copy on your mobile device at all times. Your self-quarantine plan must include: 

  • the address and contact info of your self-quarantine accommodations 
  • how you are getting from the airport to your accommodation without using public transportation 
  • how you will have access to food and water without leaving your place (such as grocery or meal delivery) 

Georgian’s quarantine checklistGeorgian College Chevron

We have put together a self-quarantine checklist for you. Follow these steps to ensure you don’t miss anything important:

  1. Read this webpage entirely. 
  2. Complete your mandatory quarantine commitment formStudents who do not comply could risk delay or a hold placed on their continued registration in their program. 
  3. Download ArriveCAN mobile app and complete the quarantine questionnaire.  
  4. Book your mandatory Georgian quarantine package by completing the booking form on the Maple Assist website.  
  5. Ensure you can provide a working phone number where you can be reached in Canada to the Canada Immigration Officer upon arrival. It is recommended to purchase an international calling card for Canada prior to departure.   
  6. Write down your quarantine plan and make sure you have it with you upon arrival to the Canadian airport. 
  7. Read Public Health Ontario’s instructions on how to self-isolate.
  8. Download our fall 2020 pre-departure book and read it before coming to Canada to find out everything you need to know about studying at Georgian College. 
  9. Download the ‘Georgian Assist’ app for your mobile device to learn more about Georgian College, our local communities, and the programs and services offered. 
Accessing food during self-isolationGeorgian College Chevron

Here are some ways to access food during your 14-day self-quarantine. 

Grocery delivery

  • Instacart app (choose from a range of stores including Zehrs, Loblaws, Walmart and Shopper’s Drug Mart)
  • Speedy Delivery app

Take-out food delivery

  • Skip The Dishes app (usable without Canadian phone number)
  • Uber Eats app (local phone number required for registration)
  • Door Dash app (local phone number required for registration)

Meal kit delivery (kitchen required)

Discount food delivery (for Georgian students only)

Georgian College has negotiated some great meal kit option with local restaurants:

More tools and services to help youGeorgian College Chevron
  • Phones and phone plans
  • Using your policy number, sign up for mobile doctor for remote doctor appointments
  • Use the self-assessment tool and call Telehealth (1-866-797-0000) if you suspect that you may have COVID-19 
  • Banking/ finances
    • To activate your GIC account, please contact your bank. Please make sure to bring sufficient cash and/or an international travel credit card with you, as you may not be able to access your GIC immediately 
  • Georgian College contacts
    • If you have any questions or concerns regarding the new term dates or your transition to Canada, please contact us by emailing or call us at 705.728.1968, ext.1218  
  • To help you prepare for your arrival in Canada, please join us for live chats. 
    • Mondays on Facebook at noon (EST)
    • Wednesdays and Fridays on Instagram at noon (EST)
  • Additional bursaries may be available to support students facing barriers in meeting quarantine requirements. Learn more about the Quarantine Assistance Bursary for international students.


Join us for a live chat session

Tune in live with Georgian’s International Centre

We understand that social distancing can bring social isolation. To help keep us all connected, Georgian’s International Centre is hosting live chat sessions over Instagram for you to ask questions or just join us to chat. The sessions will be 30 minutes each, three times a week. Here is the weekly schedule:

FAQs: Upcoming semesters

What is Georgian doing for the fall 2020 intake?Georgian College Chevron

The fall semester will be running from Sept. 14 to Dec. 18. The semester will continue with remote delivery wherever possible and only necessary, in-person, on-campus activity will be permitted. Please use this search tool to learn whether your program will be delivered remotely or through a combination of remote and in-person learning.

I am an international applicant and need to submit the results of my English language proficiency. What methods of English language proficiency does Georgian accept?Georgian College Chevron

As a temporary option for the fall 2020 and winter 2021 intakes, Georgian is offering an online test so you don’t have to travel to a testing centre. The Duolingo English Test is an English proficiency test that can be taken online, on-demand, for a fee paid by the student.  Results should be directed to Georgian College to assess with your application. The college reserves the right to add additional testing upon arrival on campus to ensure that learning is supported appropriately. Note that the Student Direct Stream (SDS) program requires IELTS results. IRCC has not yet clarified if alternate test results will be acceptable under SDS.

FAQs: Fees

Can I get a full refund of my tuition deposit if I withdraw my application?Georgian College Chevron

A request for a deposit refund will be considered on a case-by-case basis. International students should complete the withdrawal request form and specify on the form that a refund is requested due to COVID-19. Submit the completed forms by email to

For all other intakes: If you choose to withdraw your application after you have been accepted and have paid your tuition deposit, our policy indicates you will not receive a full refund. You will be eligible for a partial refund of your tuition deposit as described in our academic regulations.

I have a study permit dated after March 18 and my program requires on-campus learning for fall 2020. The IRCC deadline currently does not permit me to study in person in Canada. How can I withdraw my application and receive a full refund?Georgian College Chevron

If you are a semester one international applicant in a program running on campus and you have a study permit dated after March 18, you may request a full refund (tuition, fees and deposit) when withdrawing from fall 2020. You must specify on the withdrawal form that you want a refund due to COVID-19. Submit the completed forms by email to

I lost my job. Can I apply for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB)?Georgian College Chevron

The benefit will be available to workers:

  • residing in Canada, who are at least 15 years old (this includes international students);
  • who have stopped working because of COVID-19 and have not voluntarily quit their job or are eligible for EI regular or sickness benefits;
  • who had income of at least $5,000 in 2019 or in the 12 months prior to the date of their application; and
  • who are, or expect to be, without employment or self-employment income for at least 14 consecutive days in the initial four-week period. For subsequent benefit periods, they expect to have no employment or self-employment income.

Apply for the CERB online.

I’m an international student who is attending courses and I have chosen to go home. Am I eligible for a refund?Georgian College Chevron

The winter 2020 semester is to be completed remotely starting March 23, 2020 until the end of the regular term. The date to withdraw without academic penalty deadline has been extended to April 3, 2020. The date to withdraw with a refund was the tenth day of class for that term.

FAQs: Immigration and travel

My program is running remotely in the fall. Should I come to Canada? Is it safe to travel?Georgian College Chevron

No, your early travel to Canada is not recommended. Fall 2020 international students who obtained a study visa before March 18, 2020 are exempt from current Canadian travel restrictions. However, their travel must be “essential” and “non-discretionary”.  This means that only international students who obtained their visa before March 18, 2020, and have courses that must be delivered on-site, may be allowed by CBSA to enter Canada. Those who obtained a study visa before March 18, 2020 but all of their courses will be offered online for fall 2020 might be refused by CBSA to enter Canada as they do not have to physically be in Canada and their travel might be taken as non-essential and discretionary. CBSA officers will be the final agency to make the decisions. 

It is your decision to weigh the risks for travelling to Canada. If you are denied entry and required to return to your home country, you will bear all costs of return. 

My program has an in-person component for the fall but I do not have a valid study permit or approval before or on March 18. What are my options?Georgian College Chevron

As per current IRCC guidelines, only students who have received their visas before or on March 18, 2020 are exempt from travel restrictions to Canada. No other international students are approved to travel to Canada at this time.

You can access Georgian College’s refund and withdrawal policy here. You also have an option to defer your acceptance to an alternate intake by submitting a deferral request. If deferring your offer, it is recommended that you consult with your agent in your home country for immigration support that’s specific to your situation.

My program has an in-person component for the fall and I meet the current travel exemption of having a valid study permit or approval before or on March 18. What additional documents do I need?Georgian College Chevron

Students must provide evidence that their travel is essential (non-discretionary) in addition to holding a valid study permit or port of entry (POE) letter of introduction before or on March 18 as per current IRCC guidelines

If your program has an in-person component, you will be eligible to request a supporting letter from the Registrar’s Office to confirm your essential need to be on campus. It is recommended that you present this letter in addition to your other documents at the port of entry (POE). To request the letter email and include your name, student number and program. 

If you are going to travel, make sure to review the quarantine checklist. 

The final decision to allow you to enter Canada is at the discretion of CBSA officers at the port of entry. 

I have to make a travel arrangement because I have an in-person component for my classes and meet the current IRCC travel exemption. Does Georgian provide any assistance in finding housing or a place to self-isolate?Georgian College Chevron

Yes, although it is each student’s individual responsibility to arrange housing and quarantine, the International Centre supports students in making essential travel plans.

Please check the list of hotels and quarantine checklist and contact if you require further support. Our on-campus residence is also available for students’ accommodation. You can review details on the student portal and book online.

Important considerations before travelling:

  • Arrive two weeks early. You are required to self-quarantine for 14 days when you arrive. It is your responsibility to arrive in Canada with enough time to complete the 14-day quarantine before you’re expected to be on campus for your in-person component.
  • Have a quarantine plan in place. IRCC has developed an app to help people prepare for travel and students are strongly encouraged to download the app to help make travel arrangements and ensure a quarantine plan is in place. To download the app visit App Store or Google Play Store. You can read more about quarantine expectations on the IRCC website.
  • Request a support letter. Since your program has an in-person component, you will be eligible to request a supporting letter from the Registrar’s Office to confirm your essential need to be on campus. It is recommended that you present this letter in addition to your other documents at the port of entry (POE). To request the letter, email and include your name, student number and program. Allow a few days for the letter to be processed. If you’re unsure whether your program has an in-person component, check by searching your program online.
  • Have the proper immigration documents. Understand the current travel exemptions set by IRCC and ensure that you hold the proper immigration documents to travel and enter Canada including a valid TRV or eTA and valid study permit or study permit approval by March 18. You can read more about travel on the IRCC website.
How will taking my courses online affect my eligibility for the post-graduate work permit program?Georgian College Chevron

IRCC has made recent updates to how PGWPP eligibility is affected due to COVID-19. Visit the IRCC website to read about how your program of study is affected. 

Do I need a study permit to take classes if they are online?Georgian College Chevron

You are required to have a valid study permit throughout the duration of your program while you are in Canada. During academic sessions, you will still be required to comply with your study permit conditions.

I heard there was a temporary rule change to allow international students working in essential services to work more than 20 hours per week while registered. Does this apply to me?Georgian College Chevron

To help battle the COVID-19 outbreak, the government has removed the restriction that allows international students to work a maximum of 20 hours per week while classes are in session, provided they are working in an essential service or function, such as health care, critical infrastructure, or the supply of food or other critical goods. Find out if your job is considered essential.

You must still meet the conditions to be eligible to work. Read conditions for work.

For more information, please visit the IRCC website.

Do I need to provide biometrics for my application inside Canada during COVID-19? Georgian College Chevron

All in-Canada biometrics collection points at Service Canada are currently closed due to COVID-19. There is now a biometrics exemption for temporary residence applicants applying from within Canada. This temporary measure applies to extending or restoring your stay as a student, worker or visitor.

This change applies to all new applications, as well as applications already in progress. Visit the IRCC website for more details on biometrics, including receiving a refund for biometric fees already paid.  

How do I get immigration assistance, including connecting with a student immigration advisor or attending an immigration information session, while the college is closed?Georgian College Chevron

We are here to help. Immigration appointments and information sessions will be provided virtually, by telephone or through video conferencing (WebEx) for all campuses. To book an appointment with a Student Immigration Advisor or to sign up for an immigration info session (study permit extension, post-grad work permit, TRV, co-op work permit) email

Where do I find the latest Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) updates related to COVID-19?Georgian College Chevron

As information is changing rapidly, please visit the latest FAQs on the IRCC website for the most recent updates.

The work integrated learning component for my program (i.e. clinical/practicum) has been deferred to August/September 2020. Do I need to extend my permits?Georgian College Chevron

International students require a valid study permit and co-op work permit in order to complete work-integrated learning. If your permits expire before your new completion date, we recommend that you apply to extend your permits soon or before the expiry. Keep in mind that your permits should be valid for 90 days after your new expected completion date to have eligibility to apply for the work permit within Canada.

Am I able to flagpole at the Canada/USA border?Georgian College Chevron

CBSA has indicated students can no longer go to the border for any permit processing. This means that you cannot flagpole at this time. If you need assistance in applying online, contact to sign up for a remote immigration information session.

Can I work off campus this fall if my fall semester program has been suspended or cancelled and I’m in Canada?Georgian College Chevron

No, you cannot work off campus if you are not currently studying and registered in an academic program. One of the requirements of the off-campus work eligibility criteria states that you must have started studying. Therefore, you are only eligible once your program begins/starts.

How do I apply for a co-op work permit?Georgian College Chevron

If your program requires you to complete a work experience as an integral part of your studies (co-op, internship, placement, clinical, field placement, industry placement, etc.) then you will need a separate co-op work permit to complete this component.

Please read the following scenarios to determine which steps apply to you.

Scenario 1

Q: I’m a new student currently in my home country and my program requires a co-op work permit. How can I get this?

A: Co-op work permit should be requested together with the initial study permit – highly recommended.

As part of your initial visa application from your home country, you (or your agent) should have requested a co-op work permit along with your study permit. If you worked with an agent, you may want to verify this with them.

When you enter Canada at the port of entry, two of the documents you’ll provide to the CBSA officer are your Letter of Introduction sent by immigration, and your Letter of Acceptance. Your Letter of Acceptance will clearly indicate if work is an integral part of your studies. The CBSA officer should issue both a study permit and co-op work permit at this time. If you did not request both permits in your initial application, you may still want to inform the CBSA officer that you also require a co-op work permit for your program – as indicated in your Letter of Acceptance.

If you are not issued the co-op work permit at the port of entry, you can apply for it once within Canada. If this is your situation, please sign up for a remote information session, through the international student assessment form to learn how to apply online once you arrive in CanadaCheck processing times here.

Scenario 2

Q: I’m a registered student with a valid study permit, but I’m currently in my home country studying online and need a co-op work permit for a future semester. How can I apply for this?

A: If you were not issued the co-op work permit upon your initial entry to Canada, you will have to wait until you return to Canada to apply for it. If this is your situation, please sign up for a remote information session international student assessment form to learn how to apply online.

To prove that you are a registered student returning to Canada, request your enrolment letter to present to the officer at the port of entry.

Students must have their co-op work permit in order to begin the co-op/field placement/industry placement/ clinical placement/ internship.

Check processing times here.

Scenario 3

Q: I’m a registered student with a valid study permit, currently in Canada, and need a co-op work permit for a future semester. How can I apply for this?

A: Attend a remote information session to learn how to apply for your co-op work permit within Canada. You can sign up by indicating your interest through the international student assessment form to learn how to apply online.

Due to long processing times, students are advised to apply for their work permit several months prior to the first work term and ensure that the study and working status in Canada is valid at all times.

Students must have their co-op work permit in order to begin the co-op/field placement/industry placement/ clinical placement/ internship.

FAQs: Academics

I am looking for support for remote learning. Are there any resources I can reference?Georgian College Chevron

Georgian College has assembled a remote learning tool kit. You can also read through a prepared guide for students on the 21 ways to adjust to remote learning.

Where can I find information on this semester’s classes or tests?Georgian College Chevron

Please check your course announcements on Blackboard for more information specific to your class and contact your teacher if you have questions.

What college services can I access right now?Georgian College Chevron

Georgian College student service information outlines student service availability and contact information during the campus closure.

FAQs: Housing

Visit the housing website for the most updated information or email if you have any additional questions related to housing.

When I arrive in Canada, am I required to self-isolate for 14 days?Georgian College Chevron

Yes. It is a mandatory requirement from the Government of Canada to self-isolate for 14 days. For details about the requirement, visit to the Government of Canada’s website. This is why you MUST arrange accommodations before arriving in Canada, go to the quarantine location immediately and follow the rules.

It is each student’s responsibility to arrange housing and quarantine. The International Centre supports students in making essential travel plans.

Please check the list of hotels and quarantine checklist and contact if you require further support. Our on-campus residence is also available for students’ accommodation. You can review details on the student portal and book online.

Read more details under the immigration and travel FAQs.

Are there any changes or updates to housing rules? Where can I find out more?Georgian College Chevron

Yes. There have been temporary changes made to residential rental processes. You can find out more about this, including supporting information, on the province of Ontario’s website.

FAQs: Insurance and healthcare

As an international student enrolled in a postsecondary program at Georgian College, you have insurance coverage from For the following types of questions, please visit the website for the most updated information.

  • I am a current international student. Will I be covered if I become ill with COVID-19?
  • Will my dependents be covered if they get sick?
  • What happens if I am diagnosed with COVID-19 and I need to self-quarantine myself?
  • If I am asked to return home, are there any benefits that can cover the costs?
I think I am ill. What should I do?Georgian College Chevron

Mobile Doctor  should be the first place to go if you feel sick. If you have not signed up, use your insurance policy number to sign up for free.

If you suspect that you may have COVID-19, use Ontario’s self-assessment tool to self-assess and seek advice.

Make sure to check the health-care provider’s website or contact them directly to find out more about their hours of operations and how the services can be accessed.

Barrie walk-in clinic –

I am a new student. Will I have insurance that covers me?Georgian College Chevron

As a Georgian student, the coverage for summer semester starts May 1, 2020.

If you are planning to enter Canada, and are eligible, before May 1, 2020, it is mandatory that you purchase emergency health insurance that will appropriately cover Canadian health care.

If you are a new student and have questions about insurance for international students, please contact

I would like to speak to someone. Who do I contact?Georgian College Chevron

There are ways for you to reach out to different services including our college counselling service:

Additional resources

Government of Canada

Government of Canada COVID-19 updates:

  • Canada’s response
  • travel advice
  • symptoms and treatment
  • prevention and risk

Ontario Ministry of Health

Coronavirus (COVID-19) information sheets:

  • available in 28 languages
  • about the virus
  • how they can protect themselves
  • what to do if you think you have the virus

Ontario Public Health

COVID-19 fact sheets:

  • available in English, French, Chinese, Farsi, Italian and Korean
  • how to self-monitor
  • how to self-isolate
  • self isolation: guide for caregiver, household members and close contacts

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)

Coronavirus special measures:

  • temporary and permanent residents affected by COVID-19
  • applicants affected by COVID-19
  • travel restrictions

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As part of Georgian’s response to COVID-19, in-person visits are not available at this time. Service will be provided virtually by telephone or email.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.