Maajiishkaadaa (Let's Move Forward Together)

Indigenous initiatives

At Georgian, Indigenous student academic achievement is a priority. Discover Georgian’s wide selection of programs, including our three Indigenous Studies programs. Explore our Indigenization goals, Land Acknowledgment and Indigenous Services.

Building relationships. Creating change.

For 25 years, Georgian has offered programs and services that blend contemporary and traditional ways of knowledge that recognize and respect Indigenous peoples.

Georgian celebrates and honours Indigenous cultures and histories, and values the knowledge and wisdom that Indigenous peoples bring to our college community.

We strive to create inclusive spaces where Indigenous students, staff and alumni feel safe, proud and empowered.

Georgian College is committed to building reciprocal relationships with, and being accountable to, Indigenous communities through education, training and applied research.

Woman wearing traditional Indigenous clothing at the Georgian College Pow Wow

Land acknowledgment

Georgian College acknowledges that all campuses are situated on the traditional land of the Anishnaabeg people. The Anishnaabeg include the Odawa, Ojibwe, and Pottawatomi nations, collectively known as the Three Fires Confederacy. Georgian College is dedicated to honouring Indigenous history and culture and committed to moving forward in the spirit of reconciliation and respect with all First Nation, Metis and Inuit people.

Watch the video to learn about the origins of this acknowledgement.

Indigenous Studies

Our programs include a blend of contemporary and traditional teaching methods, with Indigenous cultural values and perspectives embedded in the curriculum.

Our goal is to provide our students with exceptional learning experiences that enhance all areas of their life – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

three students taking notes while a professor teaches a language class using a whiteboard

Indigenous Services

Wiidookdaading Indigenous Resource Centres are located at Georgian’s Barrie, Midland, Orillia and Owen Sound campuses.

The resource centres provide students with a culturally supportive and comfortable environment where they can study, socialize, and access a wide range of resources including:

  • Getsijid (Indigenous student counsellor)
  • Visiting Elders program
  • Niwijiagan (peer mentor support)
  • Community liaison officer
  • Indigenous student advisors


a group of women standing and using handmade drums at a drum making night held in the Wiidookdaading Indigenous Resource Centre


Indigenization initiatives at Georgian

Indigenization refers to the infusion of Indigenous ideas, values, peoples, symbols, esthetics, procedures and an authentic history into an organization so that it is a product of Indigenous imaginations and aspirations.

Georgian College has made Indigenization a priority and aims to enrich our college community with as much Indigenous culture and knowledge as possible.

Elder Lorraine McRae and President and CEO MaryLynn West-Moynes unveil the Land Acknowledgment plaque on a stone outside at the Barrie Campus


Kevin Ritchie, 2019 Georgian College graduate from the Indigenous Studies program Anishnaabemowin and Program Development

Omaa gabe-gikinoo’amaadiiwigamigong gaa-bi-nisidotamaan nawaj indinwewin. Mii-go gekinoo’amaagejig maagwechiwenimagig ji-ani-anishinaabemoyaambaan geniin. Wiinge aapiji oga-nitaa-wiidookawaawaan awegwen-go niigaan waa-pi-gikendaminijin indanishinaabemowininaan

My time here at Georgian helped me to better understand my language. I am so thankful for the teachers who helped me to be able to speak my language. Those teachers will be fantastic at helping future students to speak our wonderful language.
Kevin Ritchie, Teacher at Waadookodaading Ojibwe Immersion School

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

I’m not of Indigenous ancestry. Can I still take an Indigenous Studies program or course at Georgian?Georgian College Chevron

Of course! Indigenous Studies programs and courses are for everyone. Over the years, we have always had a mix of Indigenous and non-Indigenous students in our programs. Professors, staff and students ensure that our classrooms provide respectful environments for learning and sharing.

Do I have to be of Indigenous ancestry or enrolled in an Indigenous Studies program to access services, programs or activities at the Wiidookdaading Indigenous Resource Centre?Georgian College Chevron

Programs and activities are open to everyone regardless of their program. Counselling service from our Indigenous education counsellor are open to all Indigenous students and all Indigenous Studies students registered in Georgian programming.

I’m interested in attending Georgian College. Who can I connect with in Indigenous Services to learn more?Georgian College Chevron

Georgian’s Indigenous Community Liaison Officer, Alicia Thompson, can help you explore program options, apply to Georgian College, explore financing your education and more. Call 249.388.2467 or connect with Alicia by email.

Where can I find the Indigenous student self-identification form?Georgian College Chevron

The form is electronic and can be filled out and submitted through Georgian College’s website. Access the voluntary and confidential Indigenous student self-identification form.

I am Indigenous. What are the benefits of completing the self-identification form?Georgian College Chevron

Once you fill out the voluntary and confidential Indigenous student self-identification form, you become eligible to apply for Georgian’s Indigenous Student Bursary. You will also receive regular email updates about upcoming activities and events, financial support, job opportunities and more through the Indigenous Resource Centre.

How can I get involved in the various activities through the Wiidookdaading Indigenous Resource Centre?Georgian College Chevron

Check out our events calendar and attend a fun activity or event such bead night, drum group, lunch and learn, and more! For volunteer opportunities, reach out to a staff member in the Wiidookdaading Indigenous Resource Centre.

Where is the Wiidookdaading Indigenous Resource Centre located at my campus?Georgian College Chevron

Georgian College has Wiidookdaading Indigenous Resource Centres at four of our campuses:

  • Barrie Campus: room M137
  • Midland Campus: room A115
  • Orillia Campus: room B202
  • Owen Sound Campus: room A147

Each centre has friendly staff happy to assist students. Learn more about the services and supports offered through our Wiidookdaading Indigenous Resource Centres.

Where can I go to learn more about Indigenous peoples of Canada?Georgian College Chevron

You can visit Georgian’s library resources for Indigenization to learn more about Indigenous peoples, culture and history in Canada. Georgian College has done a substantial amount of work to increase the awareness of Indigenous peoples in our college system. Please check out our Indigenization page to learn more.

How can I be an ally to Indigenous peoples?Georgian College Chevron

There are many ways to be an ally to the Indigenous community. One of the first steps is to seek out education. Learn about Canada’s history and educate yourself on the negative impact colonization has had—and continues to have—on Indigenous peoples. Start by reviewing the TRC Calls to Action. As an ally, you can use the knowledge that you gain to reflect on your personal role and responsibility in the reconciliation process. For more information on being an ally to Indigenous peoples, check out this guide to developing one’s own role in Indigenization and Reconciliation.

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a man of Indigenous ancestry using a computer in the Wiidookdaading Indigenous Resource Centre at the Georgian College Barrie Campus