Project goal: To develop a mobile app to connect employers and hospitality workers to an on-demand contract basis.

What was done: Two students from the Computer Programmer Analyst and Interactive Media Design – Web programs partnered to create a mobile app. Employer staffing needs change on a daily basis, creating a challenge to hire workers. This app is designed to allow employers to post shifts each day specifying requirements like the number of workers, specific skills or certifications, with the flexibility to customize time slots. Workers can browse job opportunities on the app, apply to specific jobs they are interested in working. This app is beneficial to both employer and worker – it creates a time stamp and logs the worker’s shifts, with a feature that allows workers to be rated by the employers.

What was achieved: Facilitation of faster and easier matching between employers and contract workers, greater flexibility for all parties and simplified communication during the planning process. The app is now available in both Apple app and Google Play Stores.

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Researchers: Rich Freeman