Teaching and Training Adults

Teaching and Training Adults

Program Code
Recognition of Achievement

Program requirements

  • 6 Mandatory Courses
  • 3 Optional Courses

Program Information

To receive a Recognition of Achievement, 9 courses must be completed (6 mandatory courses and 3 electives).

The first course, TT1: Introduction to Teaching and Training Adults, is a prerequisite for all other courses and must be taken first.

TT5: Teaching Clinic cannot be taken until the four other mandatory courses are completed. (TT1, TT2, TT3, TT4 are prerequisites for TT5: teaching Clinic.)

It is recommended that the mandatory courses be taken in the order below, especially for individuals new to facilitating learning, because the courses are sequenced toward the Teaching Clinic. Each course builds on the skills in the previous course.

  • TT1: Introduction to Teaching and Training Adults
  • TT2: Engaging Adult Learners
  • TT3: Preparing a Lesson or Workshop
  • TT4: Teaching and Training Methods
  • TT5: Teaching Clinic
  • TATA 0012: Synopsis

Additional Information about TATA 0012: Synopsis

This course follows a different structure than other courses in that there is no instructor lead, classroom learning. Instead, the purpose of this course is to improve your teaching and training of adults through reflective practice and the submission of two written documents. In these documents, you will explore lesson planning and execution and you will reflect upon your teaching session (in TT5: Teaching Clinic) in terms of what was done well and what areas need to be worked on. You will also use this opportunity to develop your own philosophy about teaching and training adults and to link the concepts put forward in the program to your personal beliefs about teaching.

First Submission

The first submission must be made within three weeks of completing TT5: Teaching Clinic.

Final Submission

The final submission is to be submitted within three weeks of completing eight courses (TT1 through TT5 plus 3 electives).

Program Description

This program is for anyone interested in teaching and training in industry and/or an academic environment. It is designed to develop the skills and knowledge of novices and refine the skills of current practitioners. Each course emphasizes principles involved in the adult learning process. Group process, active participation, and learning by doing are stressed. The skills, ideas, expertise, and knowledge of the participants are utilized as key resources in learning about instructing adults.

Program course requirements
Course Title Course Code Online Equivalents Mandatory
Assessing Learning TATA0004  
Coaching TATA0009  
Developing a Course or Trainin TATA0018  
Facilitating Group Process TATA0003  
Multi-Generational Classroom TATA0022  
Synopsis TATA0012   Mandatory
Tools for Teaching and Trainin TATA0007  
TT1: Introduction to Teaching TATA0001   Mandatory
TT2:Engaging Adult Learners TATA0002   Mandatory
TT3: Preparing a Lesson or Wor TATA0017   Mandatory
TT4: Teaching and Training Met TATA0015   Mandatory
TT5: Teaching Clinic TATA0013   Mandatory
Workplace Training TATA0008  

Additional Info

In addition to the required 8 courses, students must also complete the Student Evaluation in order to graduate. Achievement of the program learning outcomes will occur through the assessment of a lesson plan, peer and instructor feedback about lesson delivery in the Micro Teaching Clinic, and the submission of a learning synopsis.

TT1: Introduction to Teaching and Training Adults must be taken first, TT1 through TT4 must be completed prior to TT5.

It is recommended that mandatory courses be taken in the order specified, especially for individuals new to facilitating learning because the courses are sequenced toward the Micro Teaching Clinic; each course builds on the skills of the previous course.

External Recognition

Teaching and Training Adults is recognized by the Canadian Society for Training and Development (CSTD).