Teaching and Training Adults

Teaching and Training Adults

Program Code
Recognition of Achievement

Program requirements

  • 6 Mandatory Courses
  • 2 Optional Courses


Interested in teaching and training in industry and/or an academic environment, the Teaching and Training Adults program can help!

It's designed to develop the skills and knowledge of novices and refine the skills of current practitioners. Each course emphasizes principles involved in the adult learning process. Group process, active participation, and learning by doing are stressed. The skills, ideas, expertise, and knowledge of the participants are utilized as key resources in learning about instructing adults.

The first course, Introduction to Teaching and Training Adults, is a prerequisite for all other courses and must be taken first.

It is recommended that the mandatory courses be taken in the order below, especially for individuals new to facilitating learning, because the courses are sequenced toward the Teaching Clinic. Each course builds on the skills in the previous course.

  1. Introduction to Teaching and Training Adults
  2. Engaging Adult Learners
  3. Preparing a Lesson or Workshop
  4. Teaching and Training Methods
  5. Assessing Learning
  6. Micro Teaching Clinic

We have new elective courses available too!

For more information, please contact coned@georgiancollege.ca

Program Description

This program is for anyone interested in teaching and training in industry and/or an academic environment. Through theoretical, practical and participatory training, graduates of the Teaching and Training Adults Program will possess a diverse range of skills. Graduates will be prepared with the necessary skills to undertake training positions in business, industry, or colleges within their community, based on their particular area of expertise.

Current Course Offerings
Course Title Course Code Online Equivalents Mandatory
#1 Teaching/Training Adults TATA0023   Mandatory
#2 Engaging Adult Learners TATA0024   Mandatory
#3 Preparing a Lesson Plan TATA0025   Mandatory
#4 Teaching/Training Methods TATA0026   Mandatory
#5 Assessing Learning TATA0027   Mandatory
#6 Micro Teaching Clinic TATA0028   Mandatory
Coaching TATA0032  
Developing a Course TATA0034  
Multi-Generational Classroom TATA0037  
Tools for Teaching/Training TATA0030  

External Recognition

Teaching and Training Adults is recognized by The Institute for Performance and Learning.