Hospitality - Hotel and Resort Operations Management
Develop your career in all facets of the industry. Multiple opportunities to travel, study and work abroad. Paid co-op work term.

General information

Program code
4 Semesters, plus 1 work term (2 Years)
Ontario College Diploma, Co-op
Work integrated learning
1 Co-op Work Term

Intake information

Start date Campus
Fall 2020 Barrie, South Georgian Bay
Winter 2021 Barrie
Summer 2020 Barrie

Program description

Imagine working at 5-star hotels, luxurious resorts, restaurants, clubs, on cruise lines, and more. Consistently in the top colleges for graduate placement, this program offers over 500 hours of paid co-op work. With extensive experiential opportunities including field trips, practical labs, workplace certifications, and study and travel abroad, Georgian College, through our strategic industry partners, opens up an exciting hospitality career. As a professional, students experience a unique lifestyle and meet diverse people from around the world.

Student centered faculty focus on delivering innovative curriculum, industry expertise and employability skills in the pillars of the hospitality industry; entrepreneurial thinking, accounting and finance, marketing and sales, food and beverage, accommodations and human resources management.

In addition to the one co-op work term, the South Georgian bay campus offers an opportunity for international students to interview for a part-time position prior to arrival. Those who are successful through the interview process will live in the resort staff residence while working for the resort and studying in the hospitality program. Get answers to frequently asked questionsNote: Currently this option is available for international students only.

Career opportunities

The majority of graduates from this program find positions in the following fields: hotels, resorts, clubs and restaurant operations, sales and marketing, attractions, theme parks, airline food services, industrial sales to hospitality institutions, recreation or sports shops. Other related types of work include such positions as program directors in hotels, resorts, banquet and catering operations, and on cruise ships, supervisory positions at golf clubs, yacht clubs and elder care institutions. Graduates find positions at the supervisory or management trainee level.

Admission information

Admission requirements

OSSD or equivalent with

  • Grade 12 English (C or U)

Mature students, non-secondary school applicants (19 years or older), and home school applicants may also be considered for admission. Eligibility may be met by applicants who have taken equivalent courses, upgrading, completed their GED, and equivalency testing. For complete details refer to:


Applicants who have taken courses from a recognized and accredited post-secondary institution and/or have relevant life/learning experience may also be considered for admission; refer to the Credit Transfer Centre website for details:


Program-specific Courses

  • MATH 1026 - Math for Hospitality
    (Semester 1 / 14 hours)
  • TOUR 1003 - Front Office and Guest Services
    (Semester 1 / 42 hours)
  • TOUR 1009 - Dynamics of Hospitality and Tourism
    (Semester 1 / 42 hours)
  • Program Courses - Select 1 course from the Program Courses list below
    (Semester 1 / 84 hours)
  • ACCT 1013 - Accounting Fundamentals
    (Semester 2 / 42 hours)
  • MKTG 1000 - Introduction to Marketing
    (Semester 2 / 42 hours)
  • Program Courses - Select 1 course from the Program Courses list below
    (Semester 2 / 84 hours)
  • FOSR 2003 - Wine, Beer and Spirits
    (Semester 3 / 42 hours)
  • FOSR 2008 - Food and Beverage Control Systems
    (Semester 3 / 42 hours)
  • MGMT 2001 - Principles of Management
    (Semester 3 / 42 hours)
  • MKTG 2034 - Hotel and Convention Sales
    (Semester 3 / 42 hours)
  • Program Option Course - Select 1 course from the available list during registration.
    (Semester 3 / 42 hours)
  • FNCE 2013 - Financial Management for Hospitality and Tourism
    (Semester 4 / 42 hours)
  • MGMT 2003 - Human Resources Management
    (Semester 4 / 42 hours)
  • TOUR 2031 - Rooms Division and Facility Management
    (Semester 4 / 42 hours)
  • Select 2 courses from the available list during registration.
    (Semester 4 / 84 hours)
  • COOP 1040 - Hospitality - Hotel and Resort Co-op Work Term 1 (Fall Intake occurs after Semester 2, Winter Intake occurs after Semester 4, Summer Intake occurs after Semester 3)
    (560 hours)

Communications courses

  • Select 1 course from the communications list during registration.
    (Semester 1)
  • Select 1 course from the communications list during registration.
    (Semester 2)

General education courses

  • Select 1 course from the general education list during registration.
    (Semester 2)
  • Select 1 course from the general education list during registration.
    (Semester 3)
  • Select 1 course from the general education list during registration.
    (Semester 4)


How will students commute between their hotel to the campus? Do they have to pay for this service?

We have public bus transit between the hotels and the college and the communities that the student will live in, shop and work. The students must purchase a public bus pass which costs $50.00 per month. The bus pass is unlimited usage within the town of Collingwood or town of the Blue Mountains.

Can students choose a preferred hotel to work at - Living Water Resort or Blue Mountain Resort?

Students may state a preference however it all depends on whether they get selected by the employer they wish to work with. The college cannot guarantee an interview with a specific employer.

For the accommodations, will students share a room with other Georgian students or other employees in the hotel?

In the past students have always shared space with other students and not resort employees.

It states that, "You will present yourself for this interview during the month of August at a prior scheduled time which will be between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time." What if they are unable to?

Student will be informed in advance about the interview date and time. If they are unable to be present for this online interview, we may reschedule, however this is not assured.

How does a student prepare for this interview?

There will be an online preparation module for interview skills. After completing the preparation module students will be required to do a Skype interview directly with the employers. In this way, students will know if they have job offers before they leave their home country.

Is this program available only in September 2020?

Yes, September is the only intake this program (HHRO+work) is available.

What kind of jobs are available at the hotels?

In general, front desk, food and beverage servers and housekeeping.

Can students start working in their first semester? When do they begin in their first semester?

They can start as soon as the semester begins. The semester begins on the Tuesday after Canadian Labour Day.

Will students be working on weekends only or weekdays as well?

Probably a mix of both. Student schedules try to be respectful of the school week but business volumes with have some impact on schedules. Just a reminder, international students can only work 20 hrs/week while in school. While on co-op they can work as many hours as they like.

Can they work full-time at the hotel if a student decides to take a break during the summer semester?

Students will complete their co-op work term in the summer. If they choose to take a break from school/co-op they are required to return home.

How competitive has the program been so far?

This program has been waitlisted for the past two years so we recommend that you apply early.

How much will students be paid per hour?

Minimum wage in Ontario is $14. Some jobs and employers may pay more.

Can students get their co-op at these hotels?

Yes, students may do their co-op at these hotels.

Do students need to have prior experience in the hotel industry to be considered for this program? What if they have never worked in their lives?

Many of our students have little to no work experience prior to coming to school. Students do not need to have prior experience in the hotel industry to be considered for the program. If students have not been employed previously this would mean that the students will need to learn to balance a busy schedule that includes academics and employment. Of note, the academics in this program are considered the most important aspect for the students. Adherence to course schedules, testing and assignment delivery are key to success.

Will students get any training before they begin their job?

Training is usually part of the job start up process. In general students are paid for training.

What if the student doesn't get a job? Do they then move to the Barrie Campus?

No. They remain at SGB. We facilitate connections with local hospitality operators so that students can hopefully find PT work.