At Georgian College, we are committed to entrepreneurship and innovation. As part of this commitment, we support a variety of research efforts college-wide.

Research and innovation (R&I)

Applied research is the method for the application of scientific and/or technical knowledge, improvements or discoveries (basic research) that can be used to find solutions to solve practical problems to real world situations. Project topics are from various business sectors where a solution can be quantified and implemented and have a direct impact on the sustainability of a company. What do we mean by applied research at Georgian?

  • Applied research project collaboration provides access to Georgian’s resources including various funding opportunities.
  • Applied research activities are one way Georgian provides its students with experiences and opportunities to be in the forefront of innovation.

Georgian College Research Ethics Board

The general goals of research involving human subjects are to advance human welfare, knowledge and understanding. Georgian College supports research that enhances curriculum development and renewal, creates learning for our staff and students, and may generate revenue/resources for the college.

The Georgian College Research Ethics Board (REB) serves to approve proposed or ongoing research involving human subjects that is conducted within or by members of Georgian College.