The Georgi Awards

During the annual GCSA Appreciation Reception – known now as The Georgi Awards – awards are given out to students who have made an exceptional contribution to student life at Georgian College.

Award details and recipients

Extraordinary Initiative Award

An exceptional program, presentation, event or campaign that is created and executed by a student, group of students, club or association. The program must be original in theme, timely and appropriate, and have a significant positive impact on Georgian College and/or the greater community.

2020-2021 recipients

  • Cooking Up Hope
  • Planet Heroes
  • Social Connectors
  • Say My Name

Michele Beaudoin Outstanding Achievement Award

Given to a student, club or association in recognition of outstanding sustained contributions to Georgian College and/or the greater community. Creativity and unwavering commitment to student success and engagement exemplify the work that this student, club or association has done over the past academic year.

2020-2021 recipient

  • Shivonne O’Brien

Changemaking Club Award

The GCSA Changemaking Award is given to a student, club or association that has demonstrated the most social change for students, enhanced Georgian’s culture, and has consistently had high engagement with the GCSA and student population.

2020-2021 recipients

  • Georgian-Lakehead Student Christian Fellowship
  • Enactus Georgian

Scott Jackson Award for Leadership

This award is presented to a student leader who demonstrates a deep commitment to student life, a strong sense of school pride, a passion for leadership and a great sense of humour.

2020-2021 recipient

  • Jacqueline Duffy

Christine Dawson Award

This award is presented by the Georgian College Students’ Association to a student that spreads leadership through building collaborative partnerships in efforts to enhance the student experience and build an inclusive culture at Georgian College.

2020-2021 recipient

  • Laura Moote

Student Experience Award

Given to a student who has gone the extra mile to assist, support, advocate, and/or help their fellow classmates, peers, friends and/or community members. This student’s commitment to the success and well-being of others has resulted in a positive impact on the Georgian College community.

2020-2021 recipients

  • Dawn Boonstra
  • Emilie Ah-Fock

Not awarded in 2020-2021 year:

Tony Sanna Memorial Award

This award is presented by GCSA to honour a true friend and Georgian’s greatest volunteer – Tony Sanna. It is awarded to an individual who generously gives their time and effort and recognizes the benefit of volunteer activity and services at Georgian College.

Outstanding New Club or Association Award

Given to a newly formed club or association in recognition of outstanding contributions to the Georgian College community. This organization will have addressed a present need or community issue. Innovation and sustainable programming exemplify this organization.