Tuition Waiver for Learners in/from Care

Former or current youth in the care of a child welfare society, who are pursuing their first postsecondary program, may be eligible for a tuition waiver (Georgian pays your tuition fees). Priority will be given to residents of Ontario.

Eligibility criteria

  • Must have been in child welfare for a minimum of one year;
  • Must complete an OSAP* application each academic year and submit all required documentation to the Financial Aid and Awards office (including the Verification of Status with Ontario Children’s Aid Society form);
  • Must be enrolled in a minimum 60 per cent course load (40 per cent course load for students with a documented Permanent Disability, as per OSAP policy); and
  • Must submit an application prior to the start of studies.

*Canadian students from a province other than Ontario must show proof of their completed application to their provincial loan assistance program and provide a letter of recommendation from their child and family service authority.

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Waiver amount

The waiver is valued at the total amount of tuition fees (does not cover ancillary fees), minus any OSAP non-repayable grant funding and/or any other provincial funding for which the student may be eligible.

Note: Students are not required to accept OSAP loan funding in order to receive the tuition waiver.

Supporting documents

Once your OSAP application has been submitted, you can access your list of supporting documentation to complete your application. Some of the documents required could be:

  1. MSFAA- Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement
  2. Declaration and signature forms (student, parent and/or spouse)
  3. Verification of Status with Ontario Children’s Aid Society form; or confirmation of status from child welfare agency


If you require assistance, we’re here to help! Please send an email to to set up a one on one meeting with a financial aid officer, or call us for assistance.

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