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Through our client-focused approach, we collaborate with you to maximize your human resources investment. Our goal is to develop your team’s skill set to adapt to evolving industry demands, including new equipment, technology and legislation.

Some of the most popular training we offer in this industry includes the courses listed below. Are you looking for training specific to your organization’s goals? We also design and deliver custom training solutions to meet all your needs.

  • Approved Working at Heights
  • Approved Working at Heights – refresher
  • AutoCAD Introduction
  • AutoCAD Interpreting Drawings

For a full list of our available courses, date and time customization to suit your company needs or custom programming, please email us.

Existing courses and modules – Custom programming available

Approved Working at Heights

$198 | 8.5 hour 

Falls from heights are one of the major causes of injury and fatality in Ontario workplaces. This course is designed to protect Ontario workers from these potentially tragic outcomes. Workers are taught to readily recognize fall hazards and identify the correct control measures to protect themselves. Classroom training is supplemented with practical hands-on training in labs using personal fall protection systems.
NOTE: Hard hat, safety glasses and work boots are required.

Approved Working at Heights – Refresher

$112 | 6 hour 

This refresher course is mandatory for all construction workers who work at a height above eight feet in Ontario. This course has a requirement for candidates to attend a refresher course after a three-year period has expired. The refresher course will review all critical elements of the full Approved Working At Heights course.

AutoCAD Introduction

$555 | 24 hour 

This hands-on course introduces students to AutoCAD. Topics covered include screen display controls, menu structure, point entry methods, drawing setup, draw commands, edit commands, object selection, annotations, basic dimensioning and plotting.

AutoCAD: Interpreting Drawings

$555 | 24 hour 

This course is a continuation of AutoCad Introduction (CMPS 0326) and Introduction to Blueprint Reading. The main emphasis is on the creation of Assembly and Detail Engineering drawing using advanced AutoCad techniques. The course will build on the techniques learnt in CMPS 0326 and Introduction to Blueprint Reading. Upon completion of this course the student will be capable of producing accurate and professional Assembly and Detail Engineering drawings.

Solidworks 3D

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