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Power of Education Campaign

A message about Phase 2 – Power of Education Campaign

I believe in the value of education. It is life’s greatest equalizer. When philanthropy is matched with the power of education, it is transformative. The success of the Power of Education Campaign is a new chapter in the story of Georgian College.

The Power of Education Campaign reached unprecedented levels of impact and influence. Your confidence and investment in this campaign has been transformed into helping students with awards and scholarships, creating world- class learning and research spaces, and supporting creativity and innovation to address challenges and solve problems, both locally and globally.

When I arrived at Georgian more than seven years ago, I was immediately impressed by the community of supporters that contributed to the success of phase one of the Power of Education Campaign, which raised more than $42 million. The philanthropic spirit was clearly alive and well at Georgian and inspired the next phase of Power of Education, which we launched in 2014. The theme for phase two was ‘transforming the student experience’ and with the help of our generous donors, we have done just that. At close, phase two has yielded a historic result for the college: over $54 million raised to advance our innovation and learning agenda. I want to express my deepest appreciation for your role in helping deliver this tremendous success and result.

Phase two of the campaign was a bold undertaking that sought to expand on the strength of our infrastructure, our partnerships and our connection to the communities we serve. To all of our generous donors, thank you for helping us grow and innovate. In this report, you will see the incredible impact your generosity has made on the Georgian community. Because of you, we have a very exciting future ahead of us.

Georgian College Board of Governors member MaryLynn West-Moynes

Thank you,

Georgian College President and CEO MaryLynn West-Moynes' signature

Dr. MaryLynn West-Moynes
Past President and CEO, Georgian College

Bar graph outlining the goals and funds raised by Georgian's Power of Education Campaign
Chart showing the goals and funds raised by the Power of Education Campaign. Phase one (2006 to 2012): $30,000,000 goal with $42,000,000 raised. Phase two (2014 to 2019): $40,000,000 goal with $54,000,000 raised.
The Power of Education Campaign - Transforming the student experience.

Five Pillars

In the second phase of Georgian’s Power of Education Campaign, the college focused on five key areas of the student experience:

1. A Student Services Centre

A service hub that gives students one-window access to everything they need to succeed, online and on campus.

2. A new entrepreneurial edge

Entrepreneurship is now a signature learning experience at Georgian College. Our graduates excel at entrepreneurial thinking, no matter what career path they choose.

3. Georgian University Partnership Centre

Expanded degree offerings give students access to a complete postsecondary experience and a range of skills, experience and credentials, right here at home.

4. Technology that delivers 21st-century ways to learn

Newer, better technologies give students more choice about what, when and how they learn, and give our grads the skills they need to compete globally.

5. Collaborative learning spaces

Modern, collaborative learning spaces and advanced labs foster innovation on campus and prepare our grads to be leaders in key growth industries.

Talking about the Power of Education Campaign

Hear about the Power of Education Campaign and how it is making a difference in the lives of students, learning and innovation.

MaryLynn West Moynes

MaryLynn West-Moynes
Past President and CEO

Mike Stollery Power of Education Campaign Chair

Mike Stollery
Campaign Chair

Virginia Barlow

Virginia Barlow