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The new school year is now well underway at Georgian College, but with the impact of COVID-19, things look very different than they did a year ago. I remember my very first year as a Georgian student was filled with emotions… nervousness… excitement. I had big dreams and the opportunity to get involved was everywhere.

This is a very different year.

While students continue to pursue their academic dreams, you and I both know as graduates from Georgian ourselves, that today’s students will have a much different experience than the experiences we were afforded. Walking into a college classroom for the first time, meeting in the cafeteria for lunch, going for coffee with peers after class or playing a game of pick-up basketball in the gym — these are some of my fondest early memories, not easily replaced with a virtual experience.

Some things won’t change, however.

Many students will look at their bank accounts to see a negative balance, or look into their cupboards and feel the pain of food insecurity. They’ll experience the same financial challenges that many of us faced before them with a few exceptions. One of these exceptions is that while I was able to lean on friends and family for support and could pursue part-time employment to help fill the gap, many of today’s students cannot. Visiting friends and family is much more complicated today than it was a year ago. Job opportunities are hard to come by because many businesses simply can’t hire a student this year.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Solutions exist. They exist because of you, and because of me.

Our donations today to the Grizzlies Give Back program will help to support student scholarships, emergency bursaries and the food locker. I’m proud of my time at Georgian and equally proud of the college’s impressive growth, continuous improvement and strong reputation globally.

Whether you have made a donation in the past or this will be your first gift to Georgian, take a brief moment to imagine the student who we will be helping today. Resilient, innovative and driven by a powerful, changemaking spirit. We are a successful alumni family of more than 90,000 graduates worldwide – imagine the impact we will have when we come together to support! Your support has helped to make an incredible difference in the past, and today I am asking you to renew your commitment by making a gift to help with today’s challenges.

Please join me in making a gift today.

Thank you for being part of this proud tradition of giving back to our college and ensuring Georgian students have the help they need. Trust me, your gift will have impact and be put to use right away. I wish you and your loved ones good health and happiness for the season ahead.

Warmest regards,

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Arjun Batra
Chair, Alumni Association Executive Council
Mechanical Engineering Technology, Automotive Manufacturing, class of 2007

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Male and female fire students in the hall on Sunnidale road north of Barrie campus of Georgian College.
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