Ross Bigelow

Ross smiling wearing a shirt with blue lines in a grey background
Ross Bigelow, MSc, BTech 


Ross has taught and co-ordinated technology programs for over twenty years. Prior to coming to Georgian College, he held roles including IT Manager, Director of Online Learning and Chief Information Officer. While at Georgian, Ross has co-ordinated five programs in the Computer Studies portfolio and has been very active in developing new programs including Mobile Application Development, Big Data Analytics, Computer Science (Partnership with Lakehead), Artificial Intelligence, and Game Design and Simulation. 
He holds three diplomas in Engineering Technology, a Bachelor of Technology, and a Master of Science. As a faculty lead researcher, Ross’ research explores ways to build smarter, more connected products and is leveraging AI systems to help companies become market leaders with Industry 4.0 solutions. Some recent projects include a smart wearable for families impacted by autism spectrum disorder, an educational device that makes it easier to learn how to code in a fun and kinesthetic way, and an AI-controlled agriculture and lighting system designed to promote maximum crop yield in an energy-efficient and predictable manner. 
When he’s not helping students or spending time with his kids, Ross also enjoys working with the Henry Bernick Entrepreneurship Centre helping entrepreneurs leverage technology to achieve their business goals. 

Research interests and areas of expertise 

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Artificial intelligence 
  • Mobile application development 
  • Advanced manufacturing 
  • Health technology 
  • Smart systems 
  • Cloud integration 

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