Jim Karagatzides

Jim with a blue shirt looking away
Jim Karagatzides, PhD  


Jim’s background may be described as classical ecology that explores the relationships of plants and animals with their environment, including human impacts. His employment opportunities have been interwoven with his studies over the past 35 years taking him to several postsecondary institutions across North America.

His teaching includes introductory courses in the Environmental and Earth Sciences, Statistics as well as field trips to the Wasaga dunes, Niagara Escarpment and Canadian Shield.His research experiences have taken him from arctic tundra to forests in Belize, Ontario and coastal temperate rainforests in B.C. and into bogs and intertidal wetlands across North America.

Jim has 40 peer-reviewed publications and since arriving at Georgian College in 2010, his most recent work is in collaboration with First Nation communities in the James Bay area, viewing a warming climate as an opportunity for northern communities to grow crops in local gardens to improve health and food security. 

Research interests and areas of expertise 

  • Plant-environment relations 

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