Project goal: On the Water Designs asked CARI to identify how the new connection design would react under various directions of wave force.

What was done: Preliminary research was conducted on directional wave force; finite element analysis was completed through inventor software.

What was achieved: In every simulation using the old connection method, the maximum stress was located on the inner surface of the bolt head where it connects with the plate. It was noted that the maximum stress was much higher, than the old connect. This is due to a pinch point that caused stress on the brass nut, located inside the connector bracket. The simulation was run a second time, without the brass nut, and as if the holes in the connector were threaded. This method, was much closer to the result, when compared to the old connection method. While the stress is higher on the new connection without a nut than it is with the older connection, the amount of displacement in the assembly remains the same. Project to start fall 2015.

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