Project goal: Avrocon Industries Inc. asked CARI to perform concrete strength testing using variable mix ratios to determine best strength, early and full cure for their Finalcrete repair and restoration product.

What was done: CARI worked with Avrocon Industries Inc. to test the compressive and bond strength of the Finalcrete mix. Various mixes were created out of a combination of silica and Portland cement, recycled Provar blast furnace metal and other chemicals. Cylinders were curried in a water bath for 28 days and air dried for seven days. Following the bath, cylinders were cut to create a bonding area and cleaned of any loose material. Different mixes were then applied to determine bond strength and slant shear. The strength developed by the bonding agents (i.e., to the two equal sections of concrete) is the most important property of the test and was conducted in accordance with ASTM standards C882.

What was achieved: The data collected by CARI was used by Avrocon Industries Inc. as preliminary research for the Test Mark CM-3000 Series mechanical testing machine, which is used to complete the standard test method for bond strength and slant shear of epoxy-resin systems used with concrete.

Testimonial: “On behalf of Steve and myself, we want to express our gratitude for enabling the progress we have undoubtedly achieved thus far with the help of the college. Thank you. It can be said that you are just doing your job, but I would like to say it is a job well done.” – Greg Brownless, Avrocon Industries, Inc.

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