Bendaer sports racket

Project goal: To design a new tennis racket with improved usability features.

What was done: Researchers worked with Bendaer to design key components of the racket. Following the initial design, Bendaer worked with CARI to optimize these components. In part II of the project, an aluminum cast mold for poly urethane expandable foam was built.

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What was achieved: CARI’s researchers enabled Bendaer Sports Inc. to bring its idea to reality by creating a prototype of components that are key to the racket’s design. Part II of the project, to build a prototype urethane cast mold, has been completed. The mold makes two racket handles per cycle and the racket handles produced are lighter than current products on market.

Testimonial: “Moving an idea from point A to point Z wouldn’t be possible without the help of the Centre.”