Pharmacology for DH Care

DENT 1021

Students examine pharmaceuticals used to treat general and oral health conditions, including the regulatory requirements for prescribing and dispensing. The impact of prescribed and over-the-counter medication on oral structures is discussed. Students explore pain management options available for use during dental hygiene care and the impact of a client's medication history on treatment planning.



Course Hours



(Post Secondary level DENT 1016 Dental Hygiene Process Minimum Grade of P
or Post Secondary level DENT 1055 Pre-Clinical Dental Hygiene 2 Minimum Grade of P)
and Post Secondary level BIOL 1002 Anatomy and Physiology - Adv. Minimum Grade of 50
and (Post Secondary level DENT 2019 Intro to Clinical CH Minimum Grade of P
or Post Secondary level DENT 2025 Clinical DH - Introduction Minimum Grade of P)

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