Massage Practice Consolidation

Massage Practice Consolidation

MASG 3009

In this course, students consolidate theoretical and practical knowledge from previous semesters. Through self reflection, evaluations and oral practical exams, students determine the areas of required review. Review of the regulatory evaluations for licence to practice as set out by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario help students to create strategies for those evaluations.



Course Hours



(Post Secondary level MASG 3005 Massage Theory and Practice 5 Minimum Grade of 50
or Post Secondary level MASG 3000 Massage Assess Treat/Pract 3 Minimum Grade of 50)
and (Post Secondary level BIOL 2002 Pathology 3 Minimum Grade of 50
or Post Secondary level MASG 3001 Advanced Techniques 1 Minimum Grade of P)
and (Post Secondary level BIOL 3001 Neuroanatomy Minimum Grade of 50
or Post Secondary level BIOL 2003 Anatomy and Physiology 4 Minimum Grade of 50)
and Post Secondary level MASG 3008 Massage Theory and Practice 6 Minimum Grade of 50

Students registering for credit courses for the first time must declare a program at the point of registration. Declaring a program does not necessarily mean students must complete a program, individual courses may be taken for skill improvement and upgrading.

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