Gearing Up Refresher

Gearing Up Refresher

DRVR 0012

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Our courses run until Nov. 1 and may extend beyond this date (weather permitting).

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This course is designed to give motorcyclists the opportunity to brush up on skills already learned from a Gearing Up program or give those motorcyclists who have had no training the opportunity to take a short program to improve existing skills. Students may either bring their own motorcycle or one may be supplied by making arrangements with the course co-ordinator prior to the course start. Students who successfully complete this program will receive a Canada Safety Council Refresher Course certificate which may have an effect on their insurance premiums.
Note: Students must hold an M or M2 license with riding experience and demonstrate entry-level riding ability. If using a personally-owned motorcycle for the program, it must be currently licenced and insured; student-supplied motorcycles must be street legal.

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Contact [email protected] or call 705.728.1968, ext. 5272 for more information.