Cultures of Belonging (MC)

Cultures of Belonging (MC)

BUSN 0236


Complete all three modules and receive the Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging in the Workplace Series Micro-certificate, or just complete the modules that interest you.

Note: Each module is open for the entire semester. Participants are able to register and take the module at any time during the semester. The module is expected to take up to eight hours in total to complete but there is no time limit, as long as the module is completed by the last day of the semester.

Coming soon! Be sure to check back for new modules in early 2022:

  • Module #2: Identities and Diversity Patterns
  • Module #3: Courageous Workplaces

Course description

Despite good intentions of management and workers to create equitable, safe workplaces, many employees continue to feel left out, disrespected, and exhausted by the daily experience of coping with microaggressions. It is clear, now more than ever, that good intentions are not enough. In this module, participants take the first steps toward creating workplaces that embrace and uplift diverse lived experiences. They learn to engage all employees to contribute their best, and work across diverse identities to create lasting, transformative change. This module is one of three that make up the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Series Micro-certificate.



Course Hours


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