CNC Manu (Design and Apps)

CNCT 2010

In this course, students design and manufacture projects and components using current CNC and conventional machine tools, to tight dimensional tolerances. In addition, students produce a working tool or prototype project, complete with drawings, that must show proper assembly techniques. As a mandatory requirement of the course, students complete and test projects and components. Students gain an understanding of different tool steels and their alloys as they pertain to their machining capabilities and time required to machine.



Course Hours



Post Secondary level TDIE 2011 Basic Tool Making Applications Minimum Grade of 50
or Post Secondary level TDIE 2009 Basic Tool Making Apps Minimum Grade of 50

Students registering for credit courses for the first time must declare a program at the point of registration. Declaring a program does not necessarily mean students must complete a program, individual courses may be taken for skill improvement and upgrading.

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