Clinical Consolidation

Clinical Consolidation

DENT 1034

This course encompasses professional aspects of dental assisting and the consolidation of clinical practice. The theory provides an opportunity to consider dental health team dynamics and develop an appreciation for regulation within the dental profession. The clinical portion allows students to consolidate their restorative and intraoral clinical experiences by providing preventive and therapeutic services in the Oral Health Clinic. Materials lab focuses on prosthodontics and discussion centers on the environmental impact of the products used.



Course Hours



Post Secondary level DENT 1028 Dental Office Management Minimum Grade of 50
and Post Secondary level DENT 1043 Preventive and Practicum Minimum Grade of P
or (Post Secondary level DENT 1031 Clinical Asst-Intraoral/Pract Minimum Grade of P
and Post Secondary level DENT 1033 Restorative and Specialties Minimum Grade of 50)
and Post Secondary level DENT 1041 Operative Theory and Preclinic Minimum Grade of P

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