Legislation and Courtroom (MC)

JUST 0064

Course description

This course offers students an overview of various laws, regulations, and standards that effect delivery of fire protection in Ontario. The NFPA Professional Standards and Section 21 Guidance Notes are discussed, along with the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, Occupational Health and Safety Act and other legislations that affect day-to-day fire service operations. This course is offered online and is considered a co-requisite to the NFPA 1031 Fire Inspector Level 1 program. This course prepares students on the disclosure of evidence in a trial. This course will describe the legislative authority of the Ontario Fire Protection and Prevention Act (FPPA) and the Provincials Offenses Act (POA), and examine the legislated options available to address contraventions of the Ontario Fire Code and other fire hazards that are not regulated by the Ontario Fire Code. Students identify the appropriate course(s) of action to ensure the Ontario Fire Code contraventions or hazards are reduced or eliminated in a timely manner and/or enforcement measures are taken.



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