Issues & Trends in MH Practice

MHCC 1007

Course description

In this course, students develop important perspectives for planning and delivering mental health and addiction services. A bio-psycho-social approach allows students to move from a narrow, person-centred focus to a broader understanding based on the social determinants of health and wider social factors. Students explore ways of extending mental health capacities so that they can reach across the full range of settings, from primary and community care to tertiary environments. Promising and proven interventions are examined with a focus on their practical applications in front-line settings. This sets the stage for identifying policy directions that are informed by recovery principles, empowerment values, and evidence-informed knowledge and practices.



Course Hours



Post Graduate level MHCC 1000 Major Mental Disorders Minimum Grade of 60
and Post Graduate level MHCC 1001 Determinants of Health Minimum Grade of 60

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