Crisis Intervention & Suicide

MHCC 1006

Course description

People with mental health/addiction issues often present at healthcare settings in times of crisis when the acute aspects of their problems become harder to manage. Fortunately, there is growing evidence-based and values-informed practice wisdom to guide clinical practice for healthcare and other service providers. In this course, students develop the clinical competencies required to intervene, stabilize and de-escalate crises. They also learn how to assess their clients’ risk to self-harm and support them with appropriate interventions.



Course Hours



Post Graduate level MHCC 1000 Major Mental Disorders Minimum Grade of 60
and Post Graduate level MHCC 1001 Determinants of Health Minimum Grade of 60

Students registering for credit courses for the first time must declare a program at the point of registration. Declaring a program does not necessarily mean students must complete a program, individual courses may be taken for skill improvement and upgrading.

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