Criminal Behav and Analysis

POLC 4015

Course description

Criminal behaviour analysis exists in different forms in the criminal justice system, from statistical crime analysis looking at crime trends, to applied crime analysis that answers investigative or legal questions relating to certain subject matter. Students examine and compare various investigative techniques referred to as criminal profiling – FBI Crime Scene Analysis, Investigative Psychology, Behavioural Evidence Analysis, Geographic Profiling, the Diagnostic Evaluations of individual clinicians, as well as contributions in Offender Typologies drawn from criminological literature. Through practical exercises that focus on comparative analyses between the differing profiling types, students examine the motives, modus operandi, and signatures of offending behaviour including techniques concerned with the prevention of offending behaviours and the apprehension of offenders. Academic and empirical data associated with different types and forms of criminal conduct from arson to sexual assault and serial murder are examined throughout the course.



Course Hours



Undergraduate - degree level level POLC 2011 Criminology Minimum Grade of 50

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