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Certificates and programs
Program Title Code Campus Credential
Human Resources Management  HRMN  BARRIE   Ontario College Graduate Certificate 
Victimology  VICT  ONLINE   Ontario College Graduate Certificate 
Public Relations - Corporate Communications  PRCC  BARRIE   Ontario College Graduate Certificate 
Event Management  EVNT  BARRIE   Ontario College Graduate Certificate 
Autism and Behavioural Sciences  ATBS  ONLINE   Ontario College Graduate Certificate 
Social Entrepreneurship in the Non-Profit Sector  SENP  ONLINE   Ontario College Graduate Certificate 
Food and Nutrition Management  FDNM  ORILLIA   Ontario College Graduate Certificate 
Therapeutic Recreation  TREC  ORILLIA   Ontario College Graduate Certificate 
Fundraising and Resource Development  FUND  ORILLIA   Ontario College Graduate Certificate 
Course Title Code Campus Time
Training and Development  HRMN 1008  BARRIE   Daytime
Recruitment and Selection  HRMN 1017  BARRIE   Daytime
Organizational Behaviour  HRMN 1013  BARRIE   Daytime
Occupational Health and Safety  HRMN 1006  BARRIE   Daytime
Labour Economics  HRMN 1009  BARRIE   Daytime
In-Industry Placement  HRMN 1020  BARRIE    
Human Resources Planning  HRMN 1016  BARRIE   Daytime
Human Resources Management  HRMN 1007  BARRIE   Daytime
Human Resources Analytics  HRMN 1023  BARRIE   Daytime
Finance and Accounting  HRMN 1014  BARRIE   Daytime
Employment Law  HRMN 1010  BARRIE   Daytime
Employee and Labour Relations  HRMN 1022  BARRIE   Daytime
Compensation  HRMN 1011  BARRIE   Daytime
Violence Against Women (ODE)  VICT 1003  ORILLIA   Online 
Violence Against Men (ODE)  VICT 1006  ORILLIA   Online 
Victims of Crimes (ODE)  VICT 1001  ORILLIA   Online 
Victims and the Media (ODE)  VICT 1005  ORILLIA   Online 
Victimology Theory (ODE)  VICT 1000  ORILLIA   Online 
Victimology Prof Pract (ODE)  VICT 1009  ORILLIA   Online 
Victimization and Law (ODE)  VICT 1002  ORILLIA   Online 
Vic Assistance Services (ODE)  VICT 1011  ORILLIA   Online 
Field Placement  VICT 1012  ORILLIA    
Diversity/Vict Assist (ODE)  VICT 1008  ORILLIA   Online 
Childhood Victimization (ODE)  VICT 1007  ORILLIA   Online 
Assessment/Intervention (ODE)  VICT 1010  ORILLIA   Online 
Aboriginal People/Victim (ODE)  VICT 1004  ORILLIA   Online 
Survey Design and Analysis  RAPP 1001  BARRIE   Daytime
Event Planning/Programming  EVNT 1001  BARRIE   Daytime
Networking and Fundraising  EVNT 1006  BARRIE   Evening
Intro to Event Management  EVNT 1000  BARRIE   Daytime
Event Technology  EVNT 1004  BARRIE   Daytime
Event Operations  EVNT 1003  BARRIE   Evening
Event Marketing  EVNT 1008  BARRIE   Daytime
Event Management  EVNT 1009  BARRIE   Daytime
Event HR Management  EVNT 1007  BARRIE   Daytime
Event Accounting and Finance  EVNT 1002  BARRIE   Daytime
Ethics and Law for Events  EVNT 1005  BARRIE   Daytime
Working w/Families/Teams (ODE)  BESC 1003  BARRIE
Treating Challeng Behav (ODE)  BESC 1008  ORILLIA   Online 
Transition Plan/Implent (ODE)  BESC 1007  ORILLIA   Online 
Special. Instruct. Strat (ODE)  BESC 1002  BARRIE
Parent/Staff Training (ODE)  BESC 1006  ORILLIA   Online 
Introduction to ABA (ODE)  BESC 1000  ORILLIA   Online 
Intro to ASD (ODE)  BESC 1001  BARRIE
Field Placement 2  BESC 1009  ORILLIA    
Ethics/Professionalism (ODE)  ETHS 1000  ORILLIA   Online 
Behavioural Skill Bldg (ODE)  BESC 1010  ORILLIA   Online 
Biological Sciences in TR  TREC 1014  ORILLIA   Daytime
Therapeutic Relationships: RT  TREC 1012  ORILLIA   Daytime
RT with Selected Populations  TREC 1005  ORILLIA   Daytime
Research In TR  TREC 1011  ORILLIA   Daytime
Organizational Leadership: TR  TREC 1009  ORILLIA   Daytime
Nature of Disabilities in TR  TREC 1015  ORILLIA   Daytime
Leisure Education  TREC 1007  ORILLIA   Daytime
Issues and Trends  TREC 1008  ORILLIA   Daytime
Foundations of TR  TREC 1003  ORILLIA   Daytime
Facilitative Techniques  TREC 1010  ORILLIA   Daytime
Assessment Processes  TREC 1002  ORILLIA   Daytime
Adapted Recreation in TR  TREC 1004  ORILLIA   Daytime
Volunteer Management  FUND 1008  ORILLIA   Online 
Technology for Fundraising  FUND 1014  ORILLIA   Online 
Special Events Fundraising  FUND 1019  ORILLIA   Online 
Prospect Research  FUND 1010  ORILLIA   Online 
Professional Practice  FUND 1006  ORILLIA   Online 
Planning for Fundraising  FUND 1016  ORILLIA   Online 
Planned Giving  FUND 1011  ORILLIA   Online 
Philanthropy in Society  FUND 1015  ORILLIA   Online 
Marketing and PR  FUND 1009  ORILLIA   Online 
Major Gifts-Capital Campaigns  FUND 1018  ORILLIA   Online 
Grant and Proposal Writing  FUND 1005  ORILLIA   Online 
Donor Relations / Stewardship  FUND 1017  ORILLIA   Online 
Annual Giving:Principles/Proc  FUND 1003  ORILLIA   Online 

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