Mother Nature provides optimum conditions for Georgian’s 2017-2018 program guide cover photo shoot

Published on Monday, Aug. 22, 2016

Still from the video: six Georgian students on a bench
Watch a video about the photo shoot

Sunshine. Check.

Happy, smiling students. Check.

Fun and professional crew. Check.

Mother Nature co-operated in full style providing a beautiful day of sunshine and optimum conditions for a photo shoot on June 15. One alumna and seven students from various programs and campus locations participated in the session, which produced the cover photo for Georgian’s 2017-2018 Full-time Program Guide.

Our “celebs” began the day with star treatment in Georgian’s hair salon where our hairstyling students brushed, combed, flat-ironed, trimmed, curled, or spiked everyone’s hair into picture-perfect readiness.

“A former co-worker told me about the photo shoot and I thought it would be a cool keepsake – something to show my future grandkids,” said Michelle Slywka, a 28-year-old single mother to Julianna, an active five year old. “It was fun to get fussed over at Georgian’s hair salon, but it was also great to meet new friends from other programs and campuses.”

The students spent the morning with staff from Georgian’s Marketing and Communications department being interviewed and photographed in a variety of locations at the Barrie Campus. Following a break for lunch, they continued with more photos in the afternoon.

“My favourite part about the whole experience was sitting around the picnic table chatting with each other,” said Ailsa Wang. “We didn’t know each other at all in the beginning, but we became more chatty and interactive as the day progressed.”

Marvin Patani, 19, chose to participate in the photo shoot because he always wanted to represent Georgian. “I thought there couldn’t be a better way than being the face of Georgian for the next year,”he said. “The best part about the shoot was how everyone – the students and the staff – enjoyed the whole experience. There was lots of laughing and we learned a ton about each other in the process. There could not have been a better group for the shoot.”

One of the reasons Hassan Amarsi wanted to be part of the photo shoot was that he considers Georgian to be diverse and incredibly welcoming toward a varied student population. “I felt it was important for there to be an appropriate representation of people of colour in the guide,” he said.

Check out #GeorgianCelebs for more behind-the-scene fun from the day.

The students who participated in the June 15 photo shoot were:

Hassan Amarsi, Research Analyst
Julia Bos, Culinary Management
Shane Groves, Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (Management and Leadership)
Kayla Lewis, Advertising and Marketing Communications
Marvin Patani, Environmental Technology
Erin Pattison, Child and Youth Care
Michelle Slywka, Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (Management and Leadership)
Ailsa Wang, Golf Facilities Operation Management (alumna)


Would you like to be featured on Georgian marketing materials? Email with your name, photo, program name and 10 words about yourself.

Faculty member’s art featured at MacLaren Art Centre

Published on Monday, Aug. 15, 2016

Two people holding up a really large, colourful canvas
Gary (right) and MacLaren curator Renee Van Der Avoird with one of the pieces on display.

Collages and large paintings by Gary Evans, Georgian’s Fine Arts program co-ordinator and Campus Gallery director, are currently on display at the MacLaren Art Centre in Barrie.

The show, Farther Afield, will be the anchor exhibit at the MacLaren until Sunday, Oct. 30.

On Friday, Sept. 23 from 12:15 to 1 p.m., join Gary at the MacLaren for free talk called Art for Lunch: The Art of Painting with Gary Evans.

Read more about Gary and the exhibit in the Barrie Examiner.

Mexican teachers gain new teaching insights at Georgian College

Published on Friday, Aug. 12, 2016

Mexican college professor Mercedes Ayarzagoitia has been soaking up new teaching techniques while attending a customized program at Georgian College’s Barrie Campus this summer.
Mexican college professor Mercedes Ayarzagoitia has been soaking up new teaching techniques while attending a customized program at Georgian College’s Barrie Campus this summer.

Midway through her career in project management and human resources for a corporate employer in her native Mexico, Mercedes Ayarzagoitia decided to make a change and switch fields, becoming a college teacher.

That was just a few years ago. To her delight and that of her students, she was quickly able to take advantage of her natural teaching abilities and expert knowledge of her subjects. This summer, in a step forward in her own education, Ayarzagoitia, along with dozens of her colleagues, learned new teaching techniques and practised their English-language skills in a custom program offered at Georgian College’s Barrie Campus.

A total of 70 professors, most of whom focus on business-related subjects, spent three weeks studying in a specialized program created by Georgian for the government of Mexico. Topics included teaching techniques and approaches, presentation skills, software and learning how Canadian students interact with their teachers. The visitors represented 25 different Mexican educational institutions.

Paul Santos, Regional Manager with Georgian’s International Education and Development department, said participants have enjoyed meeting new Canadian colleagues and appreciated the opportunity to gain new insights into teaching.

The Mexican government, he said, sought such training to help meet the employment needs of Canadian companies such as Bombardier which are busy expanding their operations in Mexico. The government wants to make sure its educational system prepares the best candidates possible to meet the needs of international employers. Giving teachers the tools and cultural experience they need will go a long way to meeting that goal.

Visiting teachers lived, where possible, in homestay situations with Barrie families. Others stayed in the Barrie Campus residence.

Ayarzagoitia says that she has learned students are the same the world over – Canadians, like Mexicans, love their cellphones and laptops and find it easy to be distracted in class. She is glad to know that as a teacher she is not alone in battling for students’ attention in class. Learning how to integrate a variety of presentation techniques used in Canada will help, she said.

“Coming to this program also gives me a chance for some quiet time, and time for reflection and to think about my job,” she said. “Coming to Canada helps to open my mind to new ideas and experiences that I will take back to my students.”

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Georgian and Mexican postsecondary sector collaborate on educational opportunities

Published on Friday, Aug. 12, 2016

Georgian College President and CEO MaryLynn West-Moynes and Dr. Salvador Jara Guerrero, Sub Secretary of Higher Education, Mexico, sign an agreement to work more closely together on projects of mutual interest.
Georgian College President and CEO MaryLynn West-Moynes and Dr. Salvador Jara Guerrero, Sub Secretary of Higher Education, Mexico, sign an agreement to work more closely together on projects of mutual interest.

Georgian College and the higher education system in Mexico plan to work more closely together in the near future.

Georgian College President and CEO MaryLynn West-Moynes and Dr. Salvador Jara Guerrero, Sub-Secretary of Higher Education, officially signed an agreement at the Barrie Campus on Thursday, Aug. 11 to collaborate on numerous educational initiatives.

Georgian College has already been working with Mexican polytechnic and technology institutions in offering teacher training and English as a Second Language. This summer, more than 60 Mexican faculty members spent three weeks enrolled in such studies at the Barrie Campus.

In the fall, 22 Mexican postsecondary students will enrol in courses at Georgian for which they will receive credit when they return home.

The newest agreement covers all levels of the higher education system in Mexico. This will allow Georgian to work on possible projects with any of Mexico’s estimated 1,200 institutions of higher education.

Possibilities include providing additional opportunities for Mexican students to study at Georgian as well as the development of customized curriculum that Mexican institutions could deliver in their own classrooms.

Leslie Palson, Dean, International Education and Development at Georgian, said the college is looking forward to working with Mexican institutions.

“We are honoured to host the Sub-Secretary of Education at Georgian College and to be given the opportunity to personally strategize on a variety of future collaborations. Georgian’s continued success and close relationships in this market allows us to remain enthusiastic about expanding our educational projects and opportunities,” she said.

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Check out Georgian’s new Part-time Studies website

Published on Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2016

Part-time Studies websiteThe Georgian College Part-time Studies website now has a completely new look and feel.

Plans for the redesign began a year ago with Part-time Studies compiling student and staff feedback. Audience personas, website scenarios and mock-ups were created based on the feedback received by Part-time Studies. Many departments, including staff from Part-time Studies, IT and Marketing and Communication were involved in the process. Website development, including an external vendor, StrataPrime, began last March.

“It was truly a collaborative effort from many departments,” said Heather Ummels, Manager, Part-time Studies and Workforce Development. “Everyone was an essential part of the team.”

Some of the new features include:

  • Program and course filtering tool – offers quick and easy access to the information students want. Students can filter course and program results based on a variety of criteria, including areas of interest, how they study (evening, weekend, daytime, online), and the campus that works best for their studies
  • Program and course organization – in just a few easy clicks students can view all programs and courses offered in the areas that interest them
  • Intuitive search field – offers the results students want
  • Information centre – provides all the information students need to study part-time at Georgian
  • My account – a centralized location where students can log in to their Georgian account(s), register, and purchase courses online

We listened to student and staff feedback and designed the new website with their input in mind,” said Ummels. “We wanted the new site to match the overall Georgian brand while ensuring it was clear the information was for our part-time students. We did this with bold colours and graphics.”

The new site also offers users easy navigation through programs and courses – which was the main drive behind the redesign, Ummels said.

“We want to ensure students can find what they’re looking for and can register online from there.”

In addition to using staff and student feedback to redesign the website, the information was also used to determine new courses and programs.

“We listen to student feedback and follow trends in the marketplace to ensure we are offering the education our communities and businesses are looking for. We see tremendous opportunities for growth in this area” said Dan Brooks, Executive Director, Part-time Studies and Workforce Development.

“We also try to collaborate as much as possible with Georgian’s full-time programs to ensuring our student are able to get the education they want in the delivery method that works best for them.”

Registration for the fall part-time courses opens on Aug. 2. Students can register online, in person or by calling the Office of the Registrar.


Georgian celebrates grand opening of John and Eileen Holland Study Lounge in Automotive Business School of Canada

Published on Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2016

John Holland celebrates the opening of the John and Eileen Holland Study Lounge in Automotive Business School of Canada.
John Holland celebrates the opening of the John and Eileen Holland Study Lounge in Automotive Business School of Canada.

There has been great excitement over the past year in Georgian College’s Automotive Business School of Canada (ABSC) with the opening of new student spaces.

The John and Eileen Holland Study Lounge – created with a $100,000 donation from John Holland – was officially unveiled today with industry representatives, students, staff and members of the Holland family in attendance.

Holland, one of the founding members of the ABSC, continues to share his industry expertise through his work with the ABSC Board of Directors.

Georgian College President and CEO MaryLynn West-Moynes says that while the college strives to provide innovative spaces for students to succeed, none of the improvements in the ABSC lobby would have been possible without the generosity of donors like John Holland.

“This much-needed and soon-to-be much-used study lounge is a quiet space where students can reflect on their coursework and prepare for their careers in the industry,” says West-Moynes. “We are so fortunate to be supported by industry leaders like John Holland who help ensure that our students have everything they need to accelerate their success.”

Students not only benefit from using the space, it also appeals to prospective students and their parents when they visit the campus to see first-hand what Georgian has to offer them.

Holland says he hopes the study lounge will inspire the next generation of industry leaders and entrepreneurs to shape the industry’s bright and prosperous future.

“I am pleased to see that the study lounge is going to be a great help to students from across the entire college, not only those from the Automotive Business School of Canada,” he said. “Having a quiet zone, a place of thought and reflection is very valuable these days. Perhaps from out of this lounge we will have a future president of a large corporation or even a prime minister.”

Second-year Automotive Business diploma student Marcus Sisconetto says that having donors like Holland enhance the student experience.

“Without funding from supporters such as Mr. Holland, my educational experience, and the experiences of my classmates, would be very thin,” says Sisconetto. “That’s why I travelled so far from my home in Brasilia, Brazil to attend Georgian – it’s a truly great college supported by great donors.”

Holland’s donation was made in support of Georgian’s fundraising campaign, the Power of Education: Transforming the Student Experience.

Georgian offers the only Honours Bachelor of Business Administration – Automotive Management degree in Canada, as well as a diploma in Automotive Business. Graduates of these unique programs secure great jobs in many sectors of the automotive industry, including aftermarket, dealerships, finance and insurance, remarketing, corporate head office, fleet management, marketing and advertising, and event management,

Barrie Campus community garden officially opens

Published on Monday, Aug. 08, 2016

Student Avery Konda, left, and Dr. Catherine Drea, Vice President Academic and Student Engagement, plant an apple tree to inaugurate the Community Garden at the Barrie Campus on Monday, Aug. 8, 2016.
Student Avery Konda, left, and Dr. Catherine Drea, Vice President Academic and Student Engagement, plant a cherry tree to inaugurate the Community Garden at the Barrie Campus.

An innovative community garden is taking shape at the Barrie Campus of Georgian College this summer. With hungry students as its focus, it will be ready for full use in the 2017 growing season.

On Monday, Aug. 8, Environmental Technology student Avery Konda and Dr. Catherine Drea, Vice President Academic and Student Engagement, together planted a cherry tree to inaugurate the garden.

Located at the north end of the Sadlon Centre for Health, Wellness and Sciences, the garden will eventually consist of one dozen 12 by 12-foot plots that will be available to the Georgian community for growing a variety of fruit trees, and leafy greens and other vegetables. Continue reading

The family that studies together, thrives together

Published on Tuesday, Jul. 26, 2016

Yolanda Bethencourt, centre, with her children Miguel and Carolina.
Yolanda Bethencourt, centre, with her children Miguel and Carolina.

When riots and gunfire broke out near the university campus that Miguel Herrera Bethencourt was attending, his mother Yolanda decided enough was enough.

She felt saddened to watch Venezuela, her native country, descend into unrest and violence. It was time for her children to study somewhere safer. Continue reading

Cabinetmaking students show their best work at exhibit

Published on Friday, Jul. 22, 2016

Male student with safety visor working a power sawStudents in Georgian College’s Cabinetmaking Techniques program will display their work at the fourth annual Student Cabinetmaking Exhibit, starting Tuesday, Aug. 9 in the Helen and Arch Brown building at the Barrie Campus. The grand opening takes place between 7 and 9 p.m. and continues Wednesday, Aug. 10 between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Continue reading

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