People of Georgian: Communications expert uses photography to see world through a joyful lens
October 30, 2020

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People of Georgian: Meet Kristin Taylor

Photography is my art. It’s how I tell my story and others.’

It’s also immense self-care for me.

I love nothing more than documenting the changing landscape during a sunset, trying to capture the details in a giant wave, snapping photos of a couple madly in love, or chasing kids around a park.

I also love hosting themed or charity shoots.

One year, a bunch of us drove to North Bay and did classic car grunge photos at an abandoned motel. It was one of my favourite days, ever.

Another year, I did a Young at Heart project in honour of my dad who had a heart attack.

People did things that made them feel youthful, like hanging upside-down from a tree, blowing bubbles, dancing in a field, or ziplining at a park.

I took photos of them, and they each made a donation to the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

My dad was humbled, we had a lot of fun, and the experience reminded so many of us that life really is fleeting.

Waves crashing on a beach.
Person holds up cut grapefruit halves in front of their eyes.
Person smiles at a camera while holding up a camera to their face as if they're about to take a photo.
Someone holds up an ice cream cone outside, from an angle that looks like a cloud is the ice cream.

In pursuit of adventures and a ‘bit of joy’

People often ask why I don’t make photography a business, but it’s because I love the creativity and freedom I have in choosing what I get to do; I’m my own director, creator and curator. Plus, I love my job at Georgian!

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I’ve been trying to find one thing each day that brings me a bit of joy.

Some days that might mean sitting by an outdoor fire, other days savouring an ice-cream cone. On weekends, I seek out mini adventures, like exploring a shoreline I haven’t before or finding a new trail to hike.

And of course, I’m always taking photos along the way.

Kristin Taylor, Communications Specialist at Georgian College.
Follow Kristin on Instagram: @patch.of.happy

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