Melissa Pauli
January 11, 2022

Melissa Pauli
Melissa Pauli


Social Media Strategy, Content Development, Communications.


Melissa ignited her passion for social media and communications after touring over 35 cities in East Asia and Brazil. She is the co-founder and Chief marketing officer of JKR Canada, a digital marketing agency that operates in Canada, The United States and Brazil. The agency services epic brands and global celebrities such as AirBnb, Stella Artois, Dell, Rorion Gracie, and Peugeot.

She is a digital marketing consultant that has helped hundreds of business owners learn how to simplify & strengthen their social media and online digital marketing methods to convert their followers to paying customers and clients.

Her mission is to help teach and train business owners & entrepreneurs to disrupt their marketing strategies by learning how to amplify their message to create positive change in the world and ultimately help them achieve the success they deserve.