Matt Koller
November 15, 2016

Faculty researcher

Matt Koller

While in high school, Matt obtained his first part-time job at a local fitness facility in Markham, ON. He completed his H.B.Kin at Lakehead University and his M.Sc. at York University. Since then, Matt has served as a personal trainer, worked in sports marketing sales, managed an athletic , and worked as an independent kinesiologist. He regularly conducts occupational fitness assessments and has worked with a variety of clients ranging from the general population to heart transplant patients, to elite level athletes.

Matt also performs consultations regularly for industry partners. Through this industry work, he has developed questions that he strives to answer. Matt’s research aims is to find out how to effectively assess current and future employees in careers involving physical labour in order to better prepare future employees for their careers and, ultimately, to decrease injury in the workplace.

Matt is Program Coordinator for the Fitness and Health Promotion diploma program in the School of Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation.