Georgian partners with Molded Precision Components on innovative project
July 27, 2020

Research and Innovation at Georgian College is working with Molded Precision Components (MPC) to accomplish a set of goals that will ultimately help MPC expand its product line and continue to grow as a company.

MPC wanted to develop a robot cell that would be able to accommodate robots, feeding systems, inspection stations and storing systems for its new art cube molding machine. Georgian is collaborating with them to manufacture, assemble and program this system to allow for the development and production of new products.

The team has accomplished a significant amount since January when the project started.

“With little guidance from MPC, Georgian’s students and faculty came up with an impressive design in a short amount of time,” says Sam Cooney, project manager at MPC.

students work on new cube molding machine
Through Research and Innovation at Georgian, students and faculty are working on a research project with Molded Precision Components, a local company.

Despite challenges due to COVID-19, the Township of Oro and MPC partnered to allow the Georgian team to continue working in a safe environment in the old fire hall in Shanty Bay.

“With the cell coming together more and more each week, it’s becoming very real how intense and impressive this is,” said Cooney. “MPC is very impressed with the work the college’s team has done on this project.”​​​​​​​

It will be exciting to see what MPC will be able to accomplish once the company begins running its new molding machine.

“Research and Innovation would like to give a shout out to the amazing work MPC and Georgian have been able to accomplish together,” said Mira Ray, Director of Research and Innovation at Georgian. “With the project nearing completion, we’re once again able to show off the talent of our Georgian faculty, staff and students, and how much we can achieve with our community partners.”