5 team-building activities conference guests actually enjoy
September 17, 2019

Are you looking to strengthen communication, teamwork, and strategy skills within your organization? Are you hoping to entertain and ‘break the ice’ between groups of conference or meeting attendees?

Check out these fun and engaging team-building ideas that people actually enjoy participating in:

1. Survival scenarios

The survival scenario workshop is intended to encourage guests or employees to get to know each other’s strengths and to be as resourceful as possible.

Begin by creating groups of five to 30 people – the larger the group, the more difficult. Next, explain:

“Your plane has suddenly crashed…your group of survivors needs to choose 10 items that you would find in your luggage, the plane, or the island to survive.”

Once their lists have been created, ask that teams decide who would be the best decision maker or leader, who should be assigned to hunting and gathering food, who should get started on the fire, who should build shelter, etc.

Encourage teams to assign roles based on the personal strengths of their survival mates.

Co-workers brain storming at a table

2. Photo scavenger hunts

The photo scavenger hunt activity requires some prep, as you will need to generate a list of items or types of people scavengers will need to find and take photos of.

To improve the ‘flow of finding,’ make sure that each group’s list is slightly different, or that the items have been listed in different orders.

To begin the workshop, assign a team leader in groups of two or three people. Next, inform the teams that you will set a timer (for a specified time) and that they must return to the starting point before time runs out. Then, provide team leaders with their photo scavenging list and encourage them to begin searching – taking photos to capture/provide proof that they located that person/thing.

The winning team will have returned to the starting spot before time runs out and will have found the most things on their list. Teams who arrive after time runs out will be disqualified.

Examples of items to search for: A maple leaf, someone with glasses, a selfie, etc.

Three co-workers in a team uniform

3. Pitch it

Have you seen the TV shows Shark Tank or Dragon’s Den? Well, it’s time to come up with an original product, idea, or solution, and pitch it to a panel!

Groups of two to five people must ideate their new product, collect ideas on its key features and benefits, come up with a name, and perfect their pitch to impress the sharks!

The panel or judges should consist of three to four people.

4. Happy memory wall

Are you looking for a feel-good activity that will leave attendees smiling and ready to take on the rest of their week?

The happy memory wall is an excellent way to get guests thinking about the positive experiences they’ve had at work or in their personal life and to reflect on why those moments were so fulfilling.

Each person will have a chance to write and draw on their piece of paper – describing their happy memory. Once completed, each person will tape their answer to the wall, and one by one, explain their memory to the group.

5. Ideal handbook

This activity begins with a group question: If your group were in charge of writing the company handbook, what would it say?

Would Pizza Fridays be mandatory?
Would every day be casual dress code?

Groups will have the chance to ideate on what their perfect work environment would look like and why. Groups will then be asked to share their ‘ideal handbook’ with the rest of the groups.

Two people drawing on a whiteboard

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