Chris Dyck
July 23, 2021

Chris Dyck crossing arms leaning on a table
Chris Dyck, COPR


As an educator, Chris has been teaching since 2013. He started at a prestigious private school named De La Salle, in Toronto as the Head of the Computer Science department. After teaching high school students for two years, Chris made the move to postsecondary where he began teaching in the Computer Studies department. In 2016, he moved into Big Data Analytics as an instructor. It was here that Chris found his calling. In 2017, he became the Program Coordinator of Big Data Analytics and loves his job and working for Georgian College. 

As an IT professional, Chris has a long track-record of startup, growth, increased sales, and long-term relationship management. He is a Technology Manager with over 20 years of experience in multiple lines of business and industries. Chris has effectively led, trained, coached, and mentored at all levels of the SDLC and PMLC. Furthermore, he is dedicated to leading teams using cutting-edge development techniques and technology infrastructure.  

As an eBook expert, Chris helped forge an industry.  From 1992 to 2002, his company, GeniSoft, developed production processes for 44 different eBook platforms: Rocket eBook, Softbook, Night Kitchen, GemStar eBooks, Peanut Press, Microsoft LIT, to name a few. Chris helped develop the OEB mark-up standard now known as ePub.  He formed partnerships with Microsoft to enhance their search and reference formats and Apple and RCA to build a better eBook Reader. During this time, Chris built relationships with many of the top publishers, developers, and print houses in North America. 

Research interests and areas of expertise 

Chris has led over 300 projects in partnership with Research and Innovation. His research interests and areas of expertise include: 

  • Data management 
  • Information technology 
  • Information management 
  • Big data architecture 

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