Bill Parry
January 31, 2019

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Bill has spent his entire career in sales, everything from household to commercial cleaning products early on moving to industrial packaging and equipment and is currently on the manufacturing side of industrial packaging. Most of his time has been in B2B sales he has also had some enjoyable weekends providing enjoyable purchasing experiences for many pleasure craft buyers from small roundabout to large cruisers.

His passion is the sales process from development, training, validation and implementation, based on his years in the field and coming face to face with all the challenges that today’s entrepreneurs will encounter when trying to make that final step of getting their prospect to say “yes”.

Currently, Bill is managing a sales team that provides valuable solutions through distribution to address packaging challenges in the food, automotive and aerospace industries, as well as providing innovative products to the flooring and HVAC industries. Off the job Bill can be found wandering through any remote location that provides the challenge of a good climb.